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Sep 20 2009

We get email: “atheists can be irrational too” edition

Remember Patrick Greene? He’s the dimwit who took umbrage at Ray Comfort’s website selling bumper stickers unflattering to atheists. He declared it hate speech and threatened to sue, called in to the TV show to defend his litigiousness, was roundly mocked for such silly and petty behavior, and yet insisted that his contact information be …

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Jul 25 2009

Open thread on Thunderf00t vs. Ray Comfort

A lot of people are emailing us to let us know that the big debate is up on YouTube. Here’s part one, and you can follow up on the rest yourself. I’m opening it up to comments because I know you’re all dying to discuss their respective performances. I will probably contribute my own impressions …

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Jul 16 2009

Yes, I repeat, we should ignore Ray

Recent comments in my previous post about Ray Comfort, the World’s Stupidest Christian™, keep explaining that’s he’s sufficiently funny in his stupidity that, well, taking him down is great sport. And then I’m pointed to his post today, in which he makes what I suspect he considers a brilliant “Gotcha!” point, the burden of which …

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Jul 05 2009

Attention, every atheist alive: Why aren’t we ignoring Ray?

“For frak’s sake, what’s the point?” That’s all the reaction I can muster to the news we’ve been getting from a jillion folks via email, to the effect that Ray Comfort, The World’s Stupidest Christian™, has agreed to debate noted science YouTuber thunderf00t. No disrespect to thunderf00t, whose videos are among the best I’ve seen. …

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Apr 08 2009

Ray Comfort odds and ends

There seems to be a lot of Ray Comfort related stuff on my radar lately, so I’ll dump it all in one post. Sam, a grad student in New Zealand, debated Ray for $100.  Considering all the sneaky tricks regarding format, and Sam’s status as a novice speaker, I would have asked for a lot …

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Mar 01 2009

Regarding Ray Comfort, the World’s Stupidest Christian™

Ray Comfort, the World’s Stupidest Christian™, is the world’s stupidest Christian. When you consider the competition, that’s quite a feat. Ray’s degree of stupidity is truly stunning to behold. It’s so monumental it serves as a kind of strange attractor towards which other Christians, not necessarily as stupid as Ray but not especially smart either, …

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Jan 21 2009

Poor, poor, poor, poor, poor little Ray

Ray Comfort. The Uwe Boll of Christian apologetics. You know, it’d be pretty easy to do a Ray Comfort Drinking Game. Just take a shot at any straw-man attack on atheists, moronic canard about evolution… On second thought, alcohol poisoning within minutes might be a real hazard. Better not. Still, he’s worth a laugh, poor …

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Dec 10 2008

Ray’s idea of justice…

Ray wrote: “…would you want Dahmer to go to Hell? Or are you quite happy (assuming that you are an atheist) for him simply to be dead.” Since he’s censoring many of my responses, here it is: I’m not Alex, but I’ll answer. I’m satisfied that Dahmer was imprisoned for the remainder of his life …

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Dec 08 2008

Ray’s threat of hell…

In today’s post at Ray Comfort’s blog, Ray wrote: “…but I don’t think that people should become Christians because of a fear of Hell. Rather, they should come to Christ out of a fear of the God that can cast them into Hell..” I’ve submitted the following response and I don’t care if it gets …

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Oct 30 2008

Liars, Lunatics, Lords, Legends and Lemmings…

I’m starting a bit of a tradition here. Whenever Ray Comfort posts about atheists (he’s rather obsessed with us, some might claim it’s to the point of protesting too much), I write a response and as he’s not always keen about posting dissenting views, I copy it over here to our blog. Ray’s latest post …

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