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Apr 14 2007

Another tragedy brings out religious smarm

Here’s a story about the sinking of a cruise ship off the coast of Greece, in which almost all passengers and crew survived, and here’s the obligatory dumbass comment by some of said survivors: The couple says prayer is the reason why only two out of 1,600 people were reported missing. Guess those two were …

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Mar 29 2007

What part of omnipotent does Dan continue not to understand?

Right on cue, Dan Marvin has tried to respond to my last couple of posts about the Problem of Evil. Here’s one typical passage. We wouldn’t know how God is righteous as he is, everlastingly, and give him glory for it if it hadn’t had of been for unrighteousness, we wouldn’t know he’s loving as …

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Mar 28 2007

In which another child is raped, and God’s nonexistence is again proved

Here’s a brief and sad little article. Country star Wynonna Judd is divorcing her estranged husband because he had sex with a minor under 13. In her public statement, she makes the kind of casually thoughtless religious remark that believers make which demonstrates how little they care actually to examine what they’ve been taught to …

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