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Mar 17 2008

Why and How

Many years ago, a Krishna friend said to me, “People often ask ‘why?,’ when what they really mean is ‘how?’” Initially, this statement confused me. But he explained it further. It made sense to me. And since that day, I have adopted his stance. On Yesterday’s show, we had a Christian caller who told us …

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Mar 05 2008

You don’t take me seriously, but I’m disrespecting YOU?

I found an odd irony in an exchange recently. On another blog someone asked if atheists can expect fair treatment from presidential candidates who state their religious beliefs are very important to them in their own lives. While I do think it’s possible for a person to value X, but still understand and respect others …

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Nov 20 2007

The inherent fallacies of Rhology’s presuppositionalism

Matthew Hughes wrote a funny science fiction novel a few years ago, Black Brillion, which contains one the greatest lines of dialogue I’ve ever read: “You have only just begun to gauge the depth of your ignorance yet you use it as the foundation for a towering confidence.” In following Rhology’s attempts to debate us …

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