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Feb 11 2011

Vote for Iron Chariots Wiki!

Atheism.about.com is running various polls for favorite atheist resources, and Iron Chariots is among the finalists! So yes, this is shameless self-promotion of an Atheist Community of Austin-originated resource, but there are other great reasons to vote for it. Bear in mind that as a wiki, the more widely Iron Chariots is known, the easier …

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Nov 16 2010

You knew this was coming, didn’t you?

So the Rethuglican Taliban are on the warpath, and once again they’re all about using the government to shove Jebus down all our throats (all the while pontificating that they got back into power because they’re all about “less government,” of course). So far, we have one gasbag here in Texas wasting no time in …

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Sep 02 2010

We’d like to thank the academy…

Hey, gang, remember that one time when we asked you to go vote for us as best access TV show in the Austin Chronicle? Well, thanks very much for your votes… WE WON! Got a nice blurb, too: This international public access show includes debates about religious philosophy while promoting a positive education on atheism. …

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Jul 02 2010

Austin Chronicle wants your input!

Who’s got the best Public Access TV show in Austin? The Austin Chronicle would like you to tell them. I certainly wouldn’t want to influence your vote, but I can think of one or two shows that might be worth voting for. Now, bear in mind that the page leads off with a very stern …

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Jan 02 2010

Whoa! Can AXP readers “Pharyngulate” a poll? Try now!

Via Pharyngula, of course, we learn of this poll that Jen (not ours) has put up over at Blag Hag, asking for votes on “the most influential female atheist of 2009.” And while there are certainly a number of admirable names on that list — Susan Jacoby, Amanda Marcotte, Rebecca Watson, Eugenie Scott — they still …

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