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Mar 21 2012

Vote for Atheist Experience or the terrorists win!

Look, an online award thing that we’re on! Clearly, our loss would usher in the collapse of civilization. Think of the children! And ponies.

Jun 27 2010

So, we’re at 660 blog followers…

Come on, gang, how hard can this be…?

May 21 2010

Kids these days

That’s the Internet for you. No sooner do scientists manage the breakthrough of the first synthetic self-replicating species of bacteria in history, then the damn thing goes and sets up its own Twitter page. If it starts listening to emo, I say stomp on it.

Mar 23 2010

In case you’re feeling prankish on Facebook…

There’s an amusing page called Pray for Richard Dawkins, and it’s maintained, as you might guess, by someone guzzling whine-and-cheese by the gallon. For those of you unfamiliar with him, Richard Dawkins’s story reads very much like Paul’s. Dawkins is arguably the most influential atheist and persecutor (although not physical) of Christians in the world …

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Jan 12 2009

No, we aren’t Pharyngula…

…but here’s a poll worth crashing.

Aug 09 2008

Okay, so I’m giving this Atheist Nexus thingy a try

The last time an atheist-centric social network was attempted — that would be Dawkins Social — it was so ineptly put together and unattractive I just gave up on it. A shame, because Dawkins is the world’s most visible atheist celebrity (if you don’t count people even more famous for things other than their nonbelief, …

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