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Mar 03 2008

First the Rolling Stones, now…

Check that last date. Austin’s been getting all the best tours lately! Expect a detailed report.

Nov 30 2007

Pope makes feeble, flailing attack on atheism

Pope Ratzo today issued an encyclical — a scholarly sounding term evidently used at the Vatican as a synonym for “overlong, ill-founded rant” — in which he purports to respond to the “new atheism” by drawing an oddly-reasoned equivalency between atheism and Marxism, and shoring up the theistic position with such empty, Hallmark-card platitudes as …

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Oct 19 2007

Fear of an Atheist Planet — again

Coral Ridge Ministries, home of the late D. James Kennedy, has finally figured out a way to unload all that unsold inventory of Kennedy’s book Skeptics Answered: whip up fear of the “evangelizing” “crusade” of the “new” atheists. I think this one might backfire. I actually started to read Skeptics Answered, and I can say …

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Sep 26 2007

Want to hear some good news for a change!?

Via Debunking Christianity, I read of the latest poll by Christian research organization The Barna Group, which shows that American youth in the 16-29 age bracket currently have the lowest opinion of Christianity than that group has ever had in previous generations. The study shows that 16- to 29-year-olds exhibit a greater degree of criticism …

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Sep 24 2007

Why do atheists speak out? This is why.

The post-Dawkins/Harris/Hitchens backlash continues as more petulant Christians come out of the woodwork with their increasingly desperate smears of the character of atheists. Here’s a typically asinine screed from some Christian prat writing for some news site in Arkansas. It was so full of perfect bilge that I felt compelled to take off the gloves …

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Jul 17 2007

Skatje Myers nailed it

PZ Myers’ teenage daughter explains two methods of successfully discussing atheism: It’s moderate atheists’ job to speak nicely to theists and get them to hear the message, but it’s the militant atheists’ job to get the moderates out of the closet and active. Do they scare away some theists entirely? Probably, but those are most …

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Jul 13 2007

What theists don’t ask

Michael Gerson has written a piece in the Washington Post entitled “What Atheists Can’t Answer.” As I mentioned on my last show appearance, often these kinds of claims come about because theists don’t bother talking to any atheists before coming to conclusions about what they think. The heart of this article is this: “So I …

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