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Feb 15 2012

Somewhat off-topic: Evolutionary arms race of spam

Just wanted to mention that we get a lot more attempted spam here at Freethought Blogs than I ever remember getting at the old blogspot address.  Luckily, the spam filters are pretty good and I usually don’t have to lift a finger to mess with it.  I do, however, see a few posts a week …

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Oct 30 2011

Wedding day open thread

No Atheist Experience.  No Non-Prophets.  Congratulations Matt and Beth.  Talk amongst yourselves.

Oct 01 2011

Introductions: Russell “Kazim” Glasser

Now that the new blog has been introduced, hopefully some new people have had a chance to learn about the show.  There are seven people involved with posting to the blog, and I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Russell Glasser.  I’m a software engineer, with a BS from UC San Diego, and a …

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Sep 29 2011

Introductions: The show

Welcome to our new home on Freethought Blogs.  The transition seems to have gone smoothly, so I assume we’ll have some new people stumbling across us. The Atheist Experience is a live public access call-in television show based out of Austin, Texas.  It launched in 1997.  You can learn more about the show here, including …

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Aug 03 2011

Bye, background

Well, the starry background was cool, but somebody told me it was slowing down his browser, so I think it’s not that important. Plain colored background it is, then.

Oct 07 2010

Yeah, death to our readers too!

Well gee, it looks like Language Log and Pharyngula are BOTH taking a more, shall we say, aggressive moderation policy on unwanted comments. Since I do love jumping on bandwagons, I think it’s only fair to warn you folks that any perpetrators of the following activities in the blog comments, email to the TV list, …

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Sep 21 2010

Removing blog roll for now

That neat little widget that used to appear in the side bar, which scrolls through a list of other atheist blogs, is gone for now. It was causing some false reports of malicious software on some browsers. We’ll keep an eye on this site until they come up with a solution to put it back.

Jul 28 2010

Quick admin note: gang, how hard is it to notice the moderation alert?

Matt’s post today is getting a lot of responses, but it would appear some commenters aren’t reading the notice that comment moderation is on, nor are they noticing the window that pops up after leaving your comment, informing you that comment moderation is on, and that it will appear on the original post after it …

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Nov 23 2009

You blog readers are so very silly

After I wrote my last post about Nazis disapproving of Darwin, Ruud pointed out that another reader had converted the post into film format on YouTube. No reading, no dramatic enactment, just the text of the post — written in an old timey, grainy black and white film format, with German music playing over it. …

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Dec 27 2008

Bloggy slowness?

Had a commenter or two mention the blog seems to load a bit slowly. I’ve noticed on both Mac Safari and Windows Firefox, the main body of the blog loads normally, but there appears to be something in the sidebar causing a traffic jam. I suspect it could be that scrolling blogroll, but I’m not …

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