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Feb 24 2012

Debating and rallying and reasoning, oh my!

Debate flyer

Some quick updates on what some of us in the AXP camp are up to. Matt is, as you read this, getting ready to take the stage at West Texas A&M University in Amarillo for another debate. Here’s the flyer thingamajig. No, we don’t have any idea about their plans to record the debate, or …

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Feb 25 2011

It’s not like his head needs to get any bigger, people!

Good grief, first there comes an admiring email from a certain Oxford professor, and now this. Seriously, enough already! Otherwise he’s going to start asking for money.

May 31 2009

Whassup with the show…

Okay, so as I understand it, here’s how things are as of tonight. Today’s show was the last to be recorded out of the Access studios, for at least the summer months of June-August. Exactly when in August, or after August, they will reopen, I haven’t heard. I know they’re spending a month renovating and …

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May 28 2009

TAM7: Matt yes, Martin no

This year, it will be Matt Dillahunty representing Austin at the Amaz!ng Meeting 7 in Las Vegas in July. As someone who’s been doing the belt-tightening thing during the economic slump, I’m sad to be missing it this year. Unless AXP fans rally and throw cash at me to get there. (Though that’s not a …

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May 27 2009

More email fun: “Look at all the trees!” edition

From:“liam humphrey” [[email protected]]To:[email protected] Hello Atheist Experience, I am sending an email to ask you a question about God’s existence. How, when you look out the window in the morning, can you not say that God doesn’t exist? There must be a bigger force that has created all this beauty. It can’t be a coincidence, and …

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Dec 08 2008

Ray’s threat of hell…

In today’s post at Ray Comfort’s blog, Ray wrote: “…but I don’t think that people should become Christians because of a fear of Hell. Rather, they should come to Christ out of a fear of the God that can cast them into Hell..” I’ve submitted the following response and I don’t care if it gets …

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Aug 22 2008

The fame, we bask in it

This was nice. Of course, it’s funny that it’s all about the recent hilarious punking of Matt by that little scamp Microbiologychick. But that’s part of the humor. “Eve”‘s silliness was actually not beyond the pale. It was a pitch-perfect performance of the stupid too many real people out there suffer from.

Jun 15 2008

In which Matt saves the universe and everything!

This may be the weirdest and yet most enjoyable bit of Atheist Experience-related otaku out there. I can say, I never got a theme song about myself when I was host. Bummer. But then, my name just doesn’t lend itself to good rhythm like Matt’s. I imagine if Possummomma wanted Matt’s babies after seeing the …

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Jun 13 2008

Pascal’s Wager dies and is dead like a dead thing

Thanks to viewer Quinn Martindale for posting this quick snippet from a show this March in which Matt Dillahunty, in two minutes, says everything that needs to be said to destroy the most tired and banal argument for belief still making the rounds. You’d think most believers would have gotten the message that Pascal’s Wager …

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