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Jun 28 2010

I is on da teebee!

Monday afternoon, I was, with very little warning and only about an hour to do frantic house-cleaning in preparation, interviewed by local TV news channel KEYE 42. The story was about a new Coalition of Reason billboard that’s gone up on the north side of town (I haven’t actually driven past it yet). And I …

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Jan 06 2009

Interview in “MediaShift”

I was recently interviewed by a group that is loosely affiliated with PBS. The resulting online article is called Public-Access TV Fights for Relevance in the YouTube Age. A couple of other Access personalities and I discussed the difference between live TV and a pure internet show. There are a couple of quotes in there …

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Feb 10 2008

This is what we need to see more of in the papers!

In today’s Statesman there is a wonderful editorial by Steve Bratteng, a science teacher at Westwood High School, in which he takes on the IDiots and evo-deniers the right way: not by going into the usual routine of debunking creo canards and falsehoods (which is certainly necessary to do, but likely to fall on deaf …

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Nov 27 2007

Two headlines

Via a friend living in Tennessee, these two stories showed up in the same paper on the same day. Story number one: Testing for STDs offends parents Juvenile detention facility insists policy protects children’s health For some parents, the testing is the usurpation of their authority and obligation to make sound decisions concerning their children’s …

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Nov 13 2007

Liveblogging the PBS Dover trial special, hour 2

Continued from previous post… 8:02 – The Kitzmiller family is getting scary mail and, I assume, death threats. They now mention that eight of the nine school board members (!!!) resigned. 8:05 – Enter the villains! Eight members of the Discovery Institute are shown, all of whom originally wanted to testify. For unknown reasons, five …

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Nov 13 2007

Liveblogging the PBS Dover trial special

I’ve never tried something like this before. Martin asked me if I would post a review of the Nova Special, “Judgment Day,” since he wouldn’t get to watch it. So I thought I’d take some live notes during the show, either as an aid to or in place of this review. I’ll update this post …

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Oct 14 2007

On the show today: Bias

I’d like to say a few words on the Atheist Experience today on the subject of bias. I’m for it. I’m going to be talking a bit about how religious people think that science is biased against them. What I want to talk about first is how science is inherently biased towards empirical evidence, and …

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