So have you heard the one about the pastor who wants to sentence gays to 10 years’ hard labor?

Yeah, sure you have. It’s the latest thing blowing up the atheist blogosphere and social media. Some utter fool named Pastor Michael V. Williams, who runs a website called (to which I am not linking — take note of this brilliant trick, other atheist bloggers), has, in a YouTube video, offered up this solution to the homersectionality problem as he sees it.

Can I just make an observation?

Yes, this is a recapitulation of the “don’t feed the trolls” thing, but it bears mentioning that Williams’ YouTube channel, on which this drivel appears, has all of 10 subscribers. Generally, his videos get fewer than 100 views, and most get fewer than 50. He has some that have gotten only one.

Except this one, which has, as of this writing, gotten close to 10,000. Because some people got their panties in a twist, decided this mouth-breather was actually someone in a position of being able to influence real policy and lawmaking decisions (here’s the Progressive Secular Humanist blog calling the utterly obscure Williams a “Christian leader” and treating his “proposed amendment” like it’s a clear and present danger and something that may be about to go up for a vote on Capitol Hill any minute now), and have — O! irony, you cruel mistress — given Williams exactly the exposure he’s always dreamed of but never would have otherwise gotten by embedding and sharing his asinine video everywhere they can.

For fuck’s sake.

Look, religious bigotry against gays, atheists, women, minorities, what have you, is a vile thing and an ongoing real problem that produces real victims. This is not in dispute. But the real battles against those things are being fought in a much bigger arena, and while there is a long long long way to go, headway is being made. There has been a sea change in public attitudes towards marriage equality, for instance, and the momentum is on the side of the good guys here. We are almost certain to see nationwide legal gay marriage by the 2020’s, at least.

But the ongoing threat to equality does not mean we need to do the enemy’s work for them, overreact to every online outlier with a webcam and a Neanderthal opinion, and elevate his importance by giving him unwonted and undeserved exposure. The proper reaction to the Williamses of the word is to point and laugh, people. History is already leaving the pathetic, benighted clowns behind. So let us make merry at their increasing irrelevance, and their butthurt at this state of affairs. Point and laugh.

I don’t know about you…

…but for me, today has been all about the schadenfreude.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 7.08.37 PM

In Texas, news is that Rick Perry has thrown a petulant snit over last night’s trouncing of SB5, and has called for a new special session on July 2, to try to ram the law through again. Everyone should consider that anti-choicers absolutely took note of what took place at the state capitol last night, and will doubtless be mustering their troops to put in a heavy presence on the 2nd. I anticipate an epic, Game of Thrones-scale battle.

Speaking of Godless Perverts…

Greta Christina noticed that I had posted an email last week with “Godless Perverts” in the title — as a reference to one of many attempted insults tossed out by one of our commenters. That post had little to do with Greta Christina’s regular meetup group, which is actually called “Godless Perverts,” so that seemed to have caused some confusion.

But hey, being Godless is fun! Perversion can, apparently, also be fun! So since some of you might might actually like to look into these events, the following is a guest post from Greta.

As one of the hosts/ organizers of the Godless Perverts event that was discussed here a few days ago, I feel like I should explain what exactly that’s about.

The Godless Perverts are actually based in San Francisco, not Lawrence, KS. We host readings/performance events, social gatherings, and panel discussions looking at sex and sexuality from an atheist perspective: looking at the intersection of sex and sexuality with atheism, skepticism, materialism, science, etc., as well as looking at religion and sexuality from an atheist perspective.

In April, we took the show on the road for the first time, and hosted a Godless Perverts Story Hour event at the Reasonfest conference in Lawrence. The name was chosen (a) to be funny and entertaining, and (b) as part of reclaiming the words “godless” and “pervert” — both of which get used as marginalizing words, to marginalize atheists and sexual minorities (kinky people, poly people, LGBT people, etc.).

All of which makes it seem somewhat stuffy, so I’ll assure you that it isn’t: the Godless Perverts Story Hour readings/ performance events can get pretty wild. Good times. And I’m still scratching my head over the idea that our existence proves that atheism is unfalsifiable. m-/


Also as a reminder, Greta’s sexy new book, Bending, is available now in many convenient formats!