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Nov 19 2012

Dennis Markuze arrested… again.

According to a tweet from the Montreal police: D.Markuze was arrested for social media harassment (breach of probation). Thanks to those who helped with the investigation#Mabus#SPVM Think it will stick this time? Here is today’s Montreal Gazette article on the arrest. And here is an amazingly detailed article by Tim Farley with the full timeline …

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Oct 21 2012

Texas Freethought Convention, with political thoughts

Lynnea Glasser and protester at the Texas Freethought Convention

I had a great time at the convention yesterday.  I was a bit of a lightweight, only putting about six hours into it and not sticking around for the keynote speech (Sorry, PZ!  I’m sure it was great!) or the pub crawl afterwards. Picked up PZ Myers at the airport at 12:30 on Monday and …

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Jun 22 2012

ZOMG, we’ve got Criss!

Actual comment posted yesterday by jehk: Yay! Now we just need ZOMGitsCriss to join and my favorite youtube atheists will be in one spot. Your wish is our command.  Say hellooooo to Cristina Rad, now in one convenient location at FreethoughtBlogs.

Jun 19 2012

Another mind joins the hive

You guys know him as video blogger extraordinaire, regular guest on The Atheist Experience, and the officiant at Matt’s wedding. Now, won’t you please go help us give a warm welcome to Aron Ra, the newest blogger at Freethought Blogs! And subscribe, damn it! http://freethoughtblogs.com/aronra

Mar 07 2011

Vote for us for Best Atheist Podcast

Voting ends March 8th about midnight for the About.com Reader’s Choice Awards. We’re ahead, but not by much… http://atheism.about.com/b/2011/02/11/vote-agnosticism-atheism-2011-readers-choice-award-for-best-podcast-of-2010.htm If you haven’t voted, and you’d like to see us win, do so now.

Jan 09 2011

Agnostic/Atheist Awards

Here’s another opportunity to give some credit to the people who most inspire you within the atheist community. Austin Cline, administrator of the Agnostic/Atheist forum at about.com, sent us the information and asks us if we’d like to help get the word out. I believe we would! Nominations Will Soon Open for the 2011 About.com …

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Oct 02 2008

Austinites: learn how to evangelize this Sunday

Hope I’ll be forgiven for some shameless self-promotion today. I am this month’s designated lecturer. This Sunday at the Austin History Center, starting at 12:15, I’ll be giving a lecture on how to be an effective evangelist. The event description is as follows: DescriptionRussell Glasser will discuss tactics for atheist outreach. Topics covered will include …

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