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Jun 23 2013

Open thread on episode #819

Mat and Don were on today. Have at it.

Jun 02 2013

Open thread on AETV 816: Russell and Jen

Russell and Jen discussed religious harassment in the military. Then we took calls from an atheist dealing with depression, an agnostic Mormon trying to decide whether the personal satisfaction of belief outweighs any potential harm, and several others.

May 31 2013

Open thread on AETV 815

  Sorry for the late posting, I just realized that neither Matt nor Don ever posts their own threads. Anyway, here it is.

Apr 19 2013

Watch AETV this weekend with guest Dale McGowan / #810 open thread

On this Sunday’s show, Russell and Jen will be talking to Dale McGowan from the Foundation Beyond Belief. Dale is the editor and co-author of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers, and author of the newly-released Atheism for Dummies. He teaches nonreligious parenting workshops across North America and is founding executive director of Foundation Beyond Belief, a humanist charitable organization. In 2008, …

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Apr 18 2013

Open thread for AETV #808

This is a week and a half late, but now that the Atheist Experience YouTube channel is operational, and video comments are meant to redirect here, I guess it is mandatory. Episode 808 with Matt and Jeff:

Apr 15 2013

Open thread for AETV #809

Yesterday Russell and Don did a show, on the topic of “Christian Message Subtext.” Here is the Blip video: Also, I’m happy to say that the official Atheist Experience YouTube channel is finally back in business. Please expect a few days for new videos to appear on YouTube. Jen is working hard to convert the …

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Apr 10 2013

Thoughts on Life of Pi

A reader asked what we thought of the movie Life of Pi, and since I’ve never brought up my opinions on the blog before, I figured I should share them. I read the book years before seeing the movie, enjoyed it with some reservations. The movie was beautifully done. This review will contain spoilers, so be …

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Mar 10 2013

Open thread on episode #804: Russell and Tracie

Posted this preemptively before the show aired. I have added some notes since the show. Here are some things I mentioned in my intro: Speaking out Against Hate Directed at Women: Russell Glasser Anita Sarkeesian’s Damsel in Distress: Part 1 – Tropes vs Women in Video Games I was asked in email to say what was …

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Feb 25 2013

Open thread for AETV #802

Matt and Jeff’s latest episode.

Feb 18 2013

Open thread for AETV #801

Apologies to people who tried to tune in to the stream with Matt and Martin yesterday. It turns out that the sound card on the laptop we use for Ustream failed a few minutes into the episode. As a result, the audio output for the stream was completely unlistenable for the entire show, although the …

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