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Jul 13 2014

Open thread for AETV #874: Russell and John

Coming right up! Also, if you have any unfinished discussion of last week’s episode 873 with Matt and Don, feel free, because it looks like nobody made a thread. 872 was a skipped show because it fell on a fifth Sunday.

May 14 2014

Open thread in AETV 865: Matt and Jen

A few days late, but here you go.

Apr 20 2014

Open thread on AETV #862: Easter “special” (not really) with Russell and Don

Show starts in an hour and a half, see you there.

Apr 15 2014

Open thread on AETV #861

Oh hi, Matt and Martin did a show on Sunday. Discuss! (Also, don’t miss The Non-Prophets tomorrow when Jeff and I review “Noah”!)

Jan 26 2014

Open thread for episode #850: Using People

Today’s show will feature Russell and Don. Some links relevant to the show (from Don): Holy War – details how churches have raised money and power selling hatred of gays. The Fabulist – Self proclaimed homosexuality “expert” Paul Cameron is a major fraud. Rick Santorum on hijacking marriage for “the good of society” – think …

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Jan 13 2014

Open thread for episode #848: Brain Dead is Dead

Dec 16 2013

Open thread for episode #844

As we slowly ease into the end of the year, Matt and Jen take calls and discuss the Christmas “Wars,” waged by petty little men who behave like spoiled children who don’t want anyone else having their birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. Comment away, gang.

Dec 01 2013

Open thread on AETV #842: In Which Russell and Martin Are Adorable

You heard it here first, folks.

Nov 12 2013

Open thread on episode #839

I apologize for the delay in getting this thread posted, gang. I suppose as I was co-host it was down to me, and I just flaked. The morality question is one I have always found bizarre that Christians want to turn into tis profoundly difficult and inexplicable concept without bringing a deity into the mix. …

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Nov 04 2013

Open thread on episode #838

In unrelated news, Richard Dawkins has an unfortunate run-in with TSA airport security.

Post your thinky things below.

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