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Sep 06 2010

Something to read with your Monday morning coffee

Everyone loves a good beatdown of those two adorable sad-sack clowns, Ray Cameron and Kirk Comfort. (Or is that the other way around? Oh, who cares!) And here, a fine young atheist writer named Nathan Dickey provides one for your reading pleasure. Enjoy. Talking to Nathan on Facebook this morning, he brought up that he …

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Sep 24 2009

Kirk n’ Ray’s latest folly

By now I’m sure everyone knows about Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort’s plan to give away their own edition of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, complete with their own 50-page introduction packed with contemptible creotard lies, at 50 college campuses this November. UT-Austin is one of those campuses, and you can bet I’ll be …

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Apr 01 2009

Kirk Cameron to Host Atheist Experience

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE In a press conference today, Matt Dillahunty, host of The Atheist Experience, announced that he would retire and hand over the reigns to film actor, long-time atheist, and master comedian Kirk Cameron. The 38 year old Cameron is a former child actor who starred in the hit comedy series Growing Pains, before …

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Mar 02 2009


Here’s another Kirk Cameron movie that I’ll never have to watch now. Thanks, Everything Else Atheist! After a heroic rescue and doctor drama, Cameron’s at home again, on the Internet looking at boats, an established hobby. An ad pops up – “wanna see? Click here!” Adblock plus and firefox will take care of that little …

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Dec 01 2008

Kirk Cameron, ACTOR!

I want to give a shout out to this great post on Slacktivist. Fred has been doing a long critique of the “Left Behind” series of books, and he’s recently turned to the first movie as a break from reading. I thoroughly enjoyed his merciless critique of Kirk Cameron as an actor. Here’s just a …

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