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Jan 20 2007

Hovind gets 10 years

This just in…

Nov 01 2006

Hovind: The prosecution rests, the defense slips on banana peels

Today the prosecution in the tax-evasion trial of YEC lunatic Kent Hovind rested its case. The defense, it is reported, will not present a case, perhaps as they haven’t got one. Just to give you an idea of what an inept loser Hovind has in his attorney, Alan Richey, this little gem: when IRS Agent …

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Oct 21 2006

Florida schadenfreude continues: Hovind’s hubris will bring him down!

One can only imagine the glare on his face, and the word “Judas!” stuck on an endless loop inside his ever-so-loopy mind, as Kent Hovind watched his lawyer friend David Charles Gibbs effectively tie his noose on the stand in his tax-evasion trial. According to Gibbs, Hovind’s belief that he owed no taxes was rooted …

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Oct 20 2006

Hovind on trial: Dr. Dino’s sleaze laid bare

Kent Hovind’s former employees — erm, excuse me, “missionaries” — have been testifying to his bizarre tax-avoidance practices. Among the shenanigans: Popp testified that Hovind warned employees not to accept mail addressed to “KENT HOVIND.” He said Hovind told the workers the government created a corporation in his “all-caps name.” Hovind said if he accepted …

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Oct 19 2006

Kent’s in the dock; will God get him out?

We’re in for heavy doses of high comedy and rollicking entertainment over the next — well, however long it takes to find him guilty — as creationist pest and tax cheat Kent Hovind goes on trial, with his wife, for failure to pay nearly half a million dollars owed to the IRS. Hovind’s defense is …

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