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Jan 01 2010

Why we need blasphemy

Pat Condell, in one of his wonderfully cranky YouTube rants, opined that the Danes (I think it was the Danes) were probably wondering what the hell had happened to their free country since Islam showed up. The idea that freedom should surrender without a fight to religious fundamentalism of any kind, but especially that which …

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Nov 27 2009

Allah Flummoxed by Swine Flu

I wanted to share with you the very first news item I saw on television this morning. It was a story about swine flu concerns surrounding hajj. Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca that is required of all Muslims who are able to make the trek. Google “hajj+’swine flu’” to find related articles. Apparently, if …

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Jul 16 2009

Last Muslim email, I’m done. Your turn.

All right, seriously, we’re going around in circles. I’m bored. You can talk to Muhammad if you want. Parts 1 , 2, 3. Why do you think your god just existed without anything happening that caused the god? Because it makes sense to say that god led to the creation of something then to say …

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Jul 15 2009

We get Muslim email (part 3)

Yep, I went another round with Muhammad. He sent two emails and here’s the resulting response. This was part 1 and part 2. Muhammad’s first reply: What additional information do you get from calling it “God?” Even assuming that “dimensions interacting with each other” made sense as something other than a bunch of words strung …

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Jul 15 2009

We get Muslim email (part 2)

Here’s part 1 in case you missed it. Muhammad’s second message to me: Hey thanks for reply I forgot to mention one more proof of why god exists and it has to do with Prophet Muhammad. Please look at this and then I will go back and make a comment on all the comments you …

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Jul 14 2009

We get Muslim email (part 1)

Yes, it’s true. Christians often accuse us of picking on them and ignoring what they consider the more dangerous religions like Islam. (PZ Myers’ readers coined the term “Fatwa envy” to describe such complaints.) The mundane truth, however, is that we don’t often talk about Islam simply because we rarely get feedback from Muslims. With …

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Dec 27 2008

Have we mentioned lately that Islamic culture is evil?

Well then, let’s take up the slack, shall we? From Saudi Arabia, that oasis of egalitarian, progressive civilization at its apex [/snark], comes word that a court has ruled that the 8-year-old child bride of a 47-year old man, married off to him by her father as a way of paying off the father’s debts …

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Aug 21 2008

Oh well, so much for cranky Islamic Ph.D bloggers

As an update on this situation, I just went back to check for Sona’s blog, and the new upgraded version, “Atheism the incoherence of the Illogic.” Results: Sorry, the blog at sonasblog.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs. and The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer …

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Aug 12 2008

Human Race to Islam: Please F.O. and die

Much as I find right-wing jargon to be mindlessly jingoistic and childishly reactionary, they were onto something when they coined the term “Islamofascism.” Here are two reports of the oppressive, totalitarian practices of this depraved religion in action. Dog walking banned in Riyadh on the grounds it leads to flirting and, possibly, cooties. Here’s something …

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Aug 04 2008

oh noez teh muslims r in r base critsizin teh athiesm

I always have misgivings about giving attention to blog stalkers, but this is just too amusing to pass up. As you’ve read before, I’ve become a fan of Kafir Girl, a new ex-Muslim atheist blogger who is guiding us heathen Westerners through the Quran, chapter by chapter. A couple of weeks ago, a Muslim student …

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