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Feb 24 2012

Iron Chariots outage

FYI: Ironchariots.org will be experiencing some down time for a matter of hours or days as I try to complete this upgrade to the latest version of MediaWiki, which should help reduce spam and make more tools available to editors.   UPDATE: It’s been down since yesterday, now it’s back up.  It doesn’t look any different, …

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Feb 11 2011

Vote for Iron Chariots Wiki!

Atheism.about.com is running various polls for favorite atheist resources, and Iron Chariots is among the finalists! So yes, this is shameless self-promotion of an Atheist Community of Austin-originated resource, but there are other great reasons to vote for it. Bear in mind that as a wiki, the more widely Iron Chariots is known, the easier …

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Jun 17 2009

I ♥ Iron Chariots

Just wanted throw some words of praise at the intrepid editors over at Iron Chariots. I just finished writing a long email response to someone who wanted to know what came before the big bang. When I was finished, I thought to myself, “Self, this would be a great addition to the big bang article …

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Oct 28 2008

Ray is preaching my stuff!

I just checked the latest post from Ray Comfort and submitted the following response. I’m doubtful that he’ll post it and I’m very doubtful that we’ll ever have any sort of dialog…but, darn it, I just can’t stop trying. I guess I’m a bit more masochistic than I thought. For those that don’t want to …

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Jun 18 2008

50 reasons to contribute to Iron Chariots

PZ Myers just posted an email he received entitled “50 reasons to believe in god.” While the apologetics contained therein are the usual unremarkable tripe, I thought this was a good opportunity to renew enthusiasm for Iron Chariots, the counter-apologetics wiki. The mission of Iron Chariots is to collect in one handy reference guide an …

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