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May 28 2011

Jesus F*cking Christ Contest

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a camp group in San Francisco had a contest this last Easter for the best Jesus Fucking Christ. Let you imagination roam a bit. Who would you choose? What image does that phrase bring to mind? The winner and runner up are in the photo. The runner up was the …

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May 21 2011

Now is the end, perish the world

To cheer you up for the end of times, have some Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Ciao! (Thanks, dad, for bringing it to my attention.)

Feb 25 2011

It’s not like his head needs to get any bigger, people!

Good grief, first there comes an admiring email from a certain Oxford professor, and now this. Seriously, enough already! Otherwise he’s going to start asking for money.

Feb 22 2011

Fan mail…oh the irony…

I wont bother ripping this to shreds, because the author doesn’t care to hear from us (yet we’re the closed-minded ones)…so, enjoy: I am not Theist. I have never seen a bigger bunch of Cop-outs and evangelists such as yourselves. You feed on the blood of the ignorant with your rediculous commentary and outdated science …

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Jan 29 2011

Christian book title fail

(This was Tracie’s catch on FB, actually. Too awesome not to share with the rest of you though.)

Jan 08 2011

What would a weekend be without wacky email?

LOVE! Could be Poe-y but it’s par for the course for the real crank ravings we get. And he even does the usual thing of signing off his ridiculous rant with “have a nice day!!” Just golden. Hi my name joe Williams I’am writing this email , because I just have to say this because …

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Jan 07 2011

You mean all I had to do was lick a Bible?

Some happy news today. Shelley just emailed all of us. We’ll have working phones on Sunday. Things are moving fast on the AXP hoodie front. The final design will be tweaked to feature only the red AXP logo; that way, people will have to ask you what it means, and you can spread the godless …

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Jan 02 2011

Caption this

Happy new year, everyone.

Dec 14 2010

Oh, we’ve hit the big time now for sure!

Today I was made aware of a Facebook group called — are you ready? — “catholics against ‘the atheist experience’”. That I know of, this is the first expressly anti-AETV Facebook group yet formed. Not that it’s a big thing or anything, with only 55 members at this point, the vast majority of whom appear …

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Nov 08 2010

My God is an awesome God a whiny little bitch

Aaaand we get email! Yesterday, we heard from a fellow who objects to our objections to Christianity, because, as he goes on to explain, all other Christians are “ridiculous” because they’ve read the Bible all wrong, and he’s the first one ever who’s got God all figured out. Thing is, I don’t see his version …

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