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Mar 04 2009

Do Moderate Christians Enable Fundamentalist Agendas?

I have a theist friend who thinks I’m too quick to blame some of the world’s ills on religion. After all, he was raised in religion. He believes in god, and he doesn’t care if anyone else does or not. He isn’t trying to force it onto anyone else. He isn’t writing to legislators to …

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Mar 31 2008

More thoughts on the presentation of science

I’m re-listening to the podcast grab of the TV show that Matt and I did yesterday. There is a point that I started to make about the framing of science, but I don’t think I carried it all the way through to its conclusion. What I did say, at the time, was that contrary to …

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Mar 30 2008

Today on the show: Framing Atheism

Links about today’s topic: Explanation of Framing at Wikipedia Matt Nisbet and Chris Mooney: Thanks for the Facts. Now Sell Them. No Admission for Evolutionary Biologist at Creationist Film (I’m sure this story is well known already, but it’s good background) Nisbet: Why the PZ Myers Affair is Really, Really Bad for Science PZ Myers …

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