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Jan 29 2011

Christian book title fail

(This was Tracie’s catch on FB, actually. Too awesome not to share with the rest of you though.)

Dec 27 2010

Presenting the most offensive email we’ve ever gotten

And it’s not even Christian hate mail. Hell, that stuff’s almost always penny ante. No, this is someone who claims to be a fan, but who has his head…well, let’s just say that the attitudes expressed here reflect a level of clueless douchebaggery and stupidity that I’ve rarely seen. I suppose this way of thinking …

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Jul 22 2010

All new meaning to the term sh*t sandwich…

Courtesy my bud Chris Conner, I am made aware of the company Food for Life Baking Co., Inc. They name their products after Biblical verses, and I believe I’ve seen their Ezekiel 4:9 bread at the grocery stores. So what’s wrong with this? Oh, nothing. Free enterprise and all that. But it does make for …

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Jul 06 2010

There simply are not words for how creepy this is

(Long, awkward silence…) Well, I suppose something like this shouldn’t be surprising, offered on a website called CatholicShopper.com. (Oh snap…!)

May 05 2010

Yes, I know, this is just begging for a joke about teabagging…

…But even I won’t go near it, gang. Wait, I just did. Oh well! And yet, a headline like “Christian Right leader takes vacation with ‘rent boy’” is still funny no matter how many times stuff like that happens. Gee, it’s almost like “Christian Right leaders” are all a bunch of repressed moral hypocrites or …

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Apr 20 2010

Cheap shot!

Oh noes! Looks like the Teabagger militias have lost a vital part of their training regimen!