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Jan 15 2011

That so-called “Christian morality” in action yet again

Sometimes, by happy serendipity, you discover something that, in a totally non-conspiracy-theory kind of way, allows you to connect a few dots and go, “Ah soooo!” Being someone who makes something of a close-to-full-time hobby of science fiction and fantasy literature, and knowing as I do a number of writers both professional and aspiring, I …

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Jan 04 2011

Consanguineous bonds

Email question of the day: “So I take it you have no argument against marriage between two consenting adults, even if these adults are, for example, brother and sister?” It’s the question of the day because it sent me off to do a bit of research on incest in order to challenge/re-affirm my position. (Freedom …

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Nov 26 2010

More Secular Morality videos: the follow-up panel

At last, we now have the videos (thanks to Catherine Blackwell and the Secular Student Alliance) of the follow-up panel on secular morality that followed Matt’s debate with Hans Jacobse. Abridged from the SSA’s write-up, the panelists include: Gregory S. Paul: Labeled religion’s “public enemy #1″ by MSNBC, Greg Paul is a freelance author and …

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Nov 17 2010

The Source of Human Morality debate videos

Here are the first three (of nine) video installments of the debate between Matt and Fr. Hans Jacobse at The University of Maryland, Baltimore County, yesterday. According to the writeup, Fr. Jacobse “views the current world as a battle between competing moral visions of the secular and the sacred, and hopes that Christianity can restore …

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Oct 03 2010

Matt’s “Superiority of Secular Morality” Lecture

As there’s no AETV today, you’ll just have to be satisfied watching this instead. For those of you who have been clamoring to hear this lecture, here it is, as Matt presented it most recently in the afternoon before the Bat Cruise. The whole video runs just over 78 minutes.

Aug 24 2010

More risible moral arguments for God

One of my many godless Facebook friends (you mean you’re not one? — well, fine, be that way!) is a young Oregonian named Nathan who’s written some impressive essays that he’s posted to his Notes section, including a fine takedown of Zeitgeist. Sometimes, Christians in his own friends list try to challenge him on some …

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Aug 07 2010

We get email some more

I swear, gang! We don’t make this stuff up! Really. Subject: i can prove god existthe christan Hello to all that would take the time to read my email. i just recently became aware of you syndicate talk show and find it belittling how the christian community is betrayed as unlearned individual, having watched a …

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Jul 30 2010

The moral compass

A fan just wrote in with a quote from a Catholic instructor who offered their moral opinion on both rape and masturbation: “Rape is better than masturbation because there is a chance of a child to be conceived rather than wasting that of which God gave us.” This probably doesn’t represent the view of every …

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Mar 03 2010

Atheism in the news? Not really…

Read this post from the blog of the religion reporter at our local newspaper. My comment was long, so I wasn’t sure if it got posted and thought I’d post it here, as well. Three comments, in mixed order: First, the study isn’t worth the attention it’s getting. In addition to all of the other …

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Dec 01 2009

Christianity and the allure of “cheap grace”

One aspect of religion that has often come under atheists’ critical fire is the way in which it enables the most egregious hypocrisies amongst its most devout adherents. Considering how important Christians will tell you Scripture is to their lives, it’s remarkable how selective they are in their reading of that Big Book of Multiple …

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