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Nov 12 2007

“Those who know what’s best for us….”

“…must rise and save us from ourselves.” So sang Canadian prog-rockers Rush in their 1981 track “Witch Hunt”. A quarter century later, the modern-day torch-bearing hysterics haven’t gone away. I’m a little behind-hand on this, as I took a week’s blog break and don’t regularly read the local Austin paper. So it wasn’t until today …

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Sep 07 2007

Hottest. Atheist. Ever.

She won’t answer questions about her sexual preferences, but too-cool-for-the-room actress Jodie Foster doesn’t hesitate a nanosecond to use the A-word in her latest interview. Though she admits she “loves religions and their rituals,” being an atheist is nothing she needs to hide. Part of the fearlessness that’s made her such a great performer, I’d …

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May 25 2007

What kind of atheist are you?

Find out. Here’s me. You scored as a Scientific Atheist. These guys rule. They know the rules of debate, the Laws of Thermodynamics, and can explain evolution in fifty words or less. More concerned with how things are than how they should be, these are the people who will bring us into the future. Scientific …

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May 20 2007

In which everyone’s irony meters explode yet again

The latest funny thing I’ve gotten in my inbox from the American Family Association is a plug for a low-budget Christian movie called Flywheel, an earlier effort, broadcast on TBN back in 2003, from the producers of theatrical release Facing the Giants. Reading the plot synopsis, I wonder if ol’ Don Wildmon saw a little …

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Apr 30 2007


From the Department of Stating the Obvious, this headline: “Debaters question if hip-hop hates women”. That’s almost as pointless a “debate” as “Debaters question if sun rises in east,” or “Debaters question if organisms evolve”!

Mar 23 2007

Left Behind: Eternal Forces gets left behind in the clearance bin

John Romero can sleep more easily now. Romero’s infamous Daikatana is no longer the most notorious flop in video game history. That dubious honor now belongs to Left Behind: Eternal Forces. (See our first post about it here.) Universally panned by the gaming community for its laughable bugginess and spyware, and boycotted by its Christian …

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Feb 13 2007

Eeeek! Teh gayz! Run awaaay! (Part ∞)

Here are a few things we can say with confidence about fundies. 1) They really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really don’t like homosexuals. 2) They really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really don’t like evil librul Hollywood. 3) They really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, …

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Dec 29 2006

Bored gaming

The demented duo, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, are at it again. I’ve already posted lengthy responses to their “Way of the Master” series, covering episodes on atheism and evolution — but it seems they haven’t bothered to read and learn. Their latest endeavor is a new board game called “Intelligent Design versus Evolution”. According …

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Dec 19 2006

I order you to buy this amazing CD

For years now, Negativland have been a collective of audio pranksters whose electronic, sample-laden musical constructs have taken the notion of satire into heretofore unexplored realms. Occasionally they’ve even gotten into legal hot water, at one point being sued by no less than U2. Among atheists, they may best be known for the outrageous “Christianity …

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Dec 12 2006

Film producers the Weinsteins bring a dirty bomb to the War on Christmas

Over at my film blog, Mr. Wagner’s Final Cut, I have a snarky little post in which I express much amusement at the way Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the moguls formerly of Miramax and now releasing as The Weinstein Group, announced they were launching a new company to distribute “faith-based” films, only to follow it …

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