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May 21 2011

Now is the end, perish the world

To cheer you up for the end of times, have some Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Ciao! (Thanks, dad, for bringing it to my attention.)

Nov 10 2009

Antichrist gonna getcha

This morning I was listening to Christian radio. (Yeah, I still do that. I’m not going to apologize for it, he said defensively.) Thanks to my long commute, when I’m bored of the available audiobooks and podcasts, I occasionally switch to NPR or Christian talk for a few seconds to check if they say something …

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Aug 14 2009

The Greatest Sin

On last Sunday’s Atheist Experience, Matt and I were talking about “end times” theology as an example of one of the negative impacts of the Bible. I have had a difficult time putting into words my feelings on the subject. I’ve been trying to capture the deliciously sadistic glee that Christians must fantasize about when …

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Jan 15 2009

This weekend on the show: End times theology for kids!

This Sunday afternoon, tune in to “The Atheist Experience,” where Tracie and I will be joined by a guest. Charity is an 18 year old ex-believer who will be discussing the series “Left Behind: the Kids” and other wacky end times beliefs. Update: Since I leaned heavily on the Slacktivist blog to get us through …

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