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Dec 03 2009

Bogus miracles, fake news, intellectual and moral cowardice

Okay, this is fun. The other day we got an email from a fellow who described himself as an atheist, but who professed he was a bit taken aback by a miracle claim that had come his way, about a Florida doctor who is supposed to have prayed a man back to life. He pasted …

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May 16 2009

A Co-Dependent Worldview

There are many misconceptions about co-dependents and co-dependent behavior. Many people still consider co-dependents to be merely “enablers” or people in relationships with addicts. But if we define a co-dependent person in such a way as to require that they be in a relationship with an addict (or with anyone) in order to qualify as …

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Apr 08 2009

Emotion is not a cognitive tool

Oh, we get email. A lot of it is simple enthusiastic “thumbs up!” fan mail from atheists around the globe, who’ve discovered the show on Google or YouTube. Big hug to you lot. A surprising amount is from atheist wags with a surfeit of spare time, who think it would be fun to Poe us …

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