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Jul 14 2009

We get Muslim email (part 1)

Yes, it’s true. Christians often accuse us of picking on them and ignoring what they consider the more dangerous religions like Islam. (PZ Myers’ readers coined the term “Fatwa envy” to describe such complaints.) The mundane truth, however, is that we don’t often talk about Islam simply because we rarely get feedback from Muslims. With …

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Jun 11 2009

We get email… strike that, we get cut n’ paste

So I see this in my inbox: Who Created God? A number of skeptics ask this question. But God by definition is the uncreated creator of the universe, so the question Who created God? is illogical, just like To whom is the bachelor married? This was the first paragraph in a very long email, all …

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Oct 07 2008

Copy and Paste Dialogue

I don’t mind a theist being inspired by another person’s arguments or ideas. I don’t mind a theist referencing someone else’s ideas and arguments in his own arguments. There’s nothing wrong with including a link or a quoted passage, in a correspondence, to someone else’s data or views. But if a person comes to me …

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Jun 08 2008

What to expect from Chuck Colson

A few weeks ago, I made the following requests of Mike, who has kindly put in the effort to set this up: Allow me to post any comments I have simultaneously to the blog and to him. Always provide a link back to the original post in his reply, so that readers can visit the …

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Jun 07 2008

Letter to Chuck Colson on “The Faith”

For a background on what to expect from this discussion, I request that regular readers of the Atheist Experience blog please visit this message before getting involved in any commentary. Hello Chuck, Let me introduce myself. I am a software developer in Austin, where I recently acquired a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering from UT. …

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May 07 2008

Email from Chuck Colson’s group

An emailer named Mike, who bears the superfluously fancy title of “Consumer Engagement Manager, Internet Marketing and Social Networks,” privately emailed the following to me: Hi Russell – I came across your blog at http://atheistexperience.blogspot.com/ and am writing with a unique opportunity for you. Chuck Colson, former Counsel to President Richard Nixon, who converted to …

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Mar 12 2008

Theomatics again

Probably not many of you have long enough memories for this, but one of the very first topics I ever did as a guest on the Atheist Experience TV show was about a concept called “Theomatics.” If you’re familiar with the “Bible codes” then you probably have the general gist of what it’s about. You …

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