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Jan 26 2010

A personal AETV loss

Via email today, I learned the sad news of the passing of Ashlea Doty at the age of 34. When I was host from 2002-04, Ashlea was part of the AETV studio crew. She was enormously good humored, and was one of the four of us who visited a Halloween “Hell House” at a local …

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Dec 15 2009

900′-tall Jesus steps on Oral Roberts

And another one bites the dust. What a card that God is! He tells Oral that Oral will be summarily killed if the money isn’t raised to keep his faith healing center afloat. And so Oral gets the money, and then the center shuts down three years later anyway! Then God waits until the fellow …

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Aug 31 2009

Does Pat Robertson really believe?

Our old buddy Pat has just come out of heart surgery. He’s 79. It happens. He’s making a full recovery. Here’s what the doctors did to save his life. Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, underwent…a new approach to dealing with atrial fibrillation, called convergence procedure. It involves cauterizing the continually beating heart muscle …

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Mar 31 2009

Well, it’s nice to know she’s not nuts or anything

By now this story, about some pathetic cult member who has pled guilty to the starvation death of her infant son provided the charges are dropped once he comes back to life (a condition I imagine the DA’s office gleefully agreed to), has made the rounds. It would be easily to laugh at this kind …

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Jan 14 2009

Off-topic, but…

Damn! Danger Man and The Prisoner are two of my favorite classic TV shows. The Prisoner, especially, was a surreal odyssey that managed to be some of the most socially relevant television, then as now: an allegory about maintaining one’s individuality and integrity in a world determined to buy you, own you, corrupt you, sell …

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Dec 10 2008

Ray’s idea of justice…

Ray wrote: “…would you want Dahmer to go to Hell? Or are you quite happy (assuming that you are an atheist) for him simply to be dead.” Since he’s censoring many of my responses, here it is: I’m not Alex, but I’ll answer. I’m satisfied that Dahmer was imprisoned for the remainder of his life …

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Sep 15 2008

How I wish, how I wish you were here

You know you’re getting older, not only when all the favorite bands you grew up with are suddenly thought of as “classic rock,” but when their members start dying on you. Now we’ve lost Richard Wright of Pink Floyd. Major bummer. And all this time I’d been sure Keith Richards was the guy well and …

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Aug 18 2008

A thumb to suck, a skirt to hold

That was Isaac Asimov’s blunt dismissal of religion. And its appropriateness is never more evident than in this pitifully sad article currently on CNN.com, in which the point is made that “when it comes to saving lives, God trumps doctors for many Americans.” More than half of randomly surveyed adults — 57 percent — said …

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Jul 04 2008

What will it take?

Christians often ask atheists the above question. What kind of evidence would it take to convince us of God’s existence? I’d like to turn the question back to them. What would it take to convince them that maybe God is just a product of their imaginations and wishful thinking? Allow me to preface this with …

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Jun 23 2008

Carlin has blasphemed his last

So long, George. If it turns out you were wrong, and Pascal’s Wager was a good bet, be sure to tell God a few good jokes before he yanks the lever and you drop through the trap door.

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