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Oct 19 2007

Fear of an Atheist Planet — again

Coral Ridge Ministries, home of the late D. James Kennedy, has finally figured out a way to unload all that unsold inventory of Kennedy’s book Skeptics Answered: whip up fear of the “evangelizing” “crusade” of the “new” atheists. I think this one might backfire. I actually started to read Skeptics Answered, and I can say …

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Sep 05 2007

D. James Kennedy surprised to remain underground

Megachurch pastor and smarmy radio creationist D. James Kennedy died today at the ripe old age of 76. Wait, wasn’t D. James Kennedy in jail? No wait, that was Kent Hovind. Um, so is he the guy with the gay prostitute meth scandal? No, that was that Haggard guy. Let me see, Kennedy, Kennedy. Why …

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Aug 28 2007

D. James Kennedy hangs it up

D. James Kennedy, famed theocratic evangelist and pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, has announced his retirement, having failed to recover sufficiently from the cardiac arrest he suffered last December to resume his preaching. Kennedy is one of the most influential, respected and powerful evangelicals in America, which should scare the shit out of you …

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