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Aug 26 2012

Open Thread – AE 776

Open thread for tonight’s show in which we talked about Hamid’s misunderstanding of the burden of proof, evolution, arguments from ignorance, and more. I have a house full of sick cats to take care of, so you guys have fun.

Apr 03 2012

Seems legit

This one’s making the rounds on Facebook today. You know, if the Creation Museum didn’t exist, life would lack so very many lovely lovely lulz.

May 09 2011

Open thread on episode #708: The sublime and the ridiculous

On yesterday’s show, Don and I spoke for 40 minutes with Gregory S. Paul, an author who recently published an excellent op-ed in the Washington Post about our place in society as atheists. We followed that up with a wacky call from a Canadian young earther. Have at it!

May 28 2010

A Letter to Nelson McCausland

Texas SBOE have found a friend in Northern Ireland: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/may/26/northern-ireland-ulster-museum-creationismIf you haven’t been following, Culture Minister Nelson McCausland is pushing for museums in his country to promote creationism along side displays illustrating scientific theories of origins. One of his constituents shared a letter to McCausland with me, and also granted permission to use it at …

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Feb 03 2010

Global Warming Denial and God Belief

I’ve often wondered why the religious nuts are most often the most vocal against global warming. On the surface, it seems incongruous. When the topic is God, they prop up the flimsiest evidence and put their fingers in their ears, yelling “la la la” when there is solid evidence against supernatural belief. When the topic …

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