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Jun 01 2010

We get email: These are the things I did!

I’m editing this one for length, but here is the choice lunacy. (Remember, this is edited. Weep for us.) Hello my name is Leroy Blevins Sr. I am C/O of Blevins Biblical Investigation. I have done research on the Bible for over 24 years now and I like to say what people claims the Bible …

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May 15 2010

We get email: we iz childrens of teh Basement Cat!

Not much going on around here today. We’re just prepping for a busy Sunday, what with the textbook rally at the Capital in the morning, then the show at its usual time, followed by Threadgill’s. And here I was thinking part of the fun of being godless is you got to sleep in on Sunday! …

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Apr 14 2010

We get email: from the “Word Salad” folder

Sometimes, you just shrug and go “Whatever.” Dear brother and sister General public is very vulnerable, what ever guidance sounds helpful, whether it is not rational, people like it.they are created to believe this. On the contrary you are what is in your memory in your sub conscious , that what u are projecting in …

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Jan 28 2010

We don’t make this stuff up, gang

Lately we’ve been getting a series of barely literate emails from a guy who’s following the usual pattern: Asserting his beliefs as facts, backing them up with variants of “Look at the trees!” and “Study the Bible!”, then bitterly protesting how rude we are for dismissing him as a dimwit. Here’s one excerpt for you …

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Jan 13 2010

We get email

Hard to keep coming up with creative new titles for these, so may as well just stick with the time-tested one. Dear AE, please stop being naive & guilble. You’re blinded & deceived by the devil. I pray that you, along with every fellow atheist find the light through all the darkness you all remain …

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Dec 17 2009

We get email: reason can’t be trusted

Hello there. Did you consider that reaosn and evolution are concepts in crisis since the developement of modern semantics? I think Chomsky explains it better in his conference about biolinguistics. But the destruction of positivsm is something that happened in the late XIX century. Evolution and reason are no longer concepts to be trusted anymore. …

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Sep 12 2009

We get email, WTF edition

A charming fellow called Augusto sent us two of these thought-provoking missives, actually. This one is the more coherent of the two. Just remember that atheism and materialism killed much more people than any cruzade before. Any. Atheism killed trillions, crusades was a joke. Fuck Mao tse tung, Stalin, Hitler, CIA. Atheism and materialism killed …

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Aug 10 2009

Teh emailz, we gets dem

Ordinarily I don’t post the full names of emailers. However, in this case, John Berbatis from Perth seems to be busy enough posting his own name everywhere that he probably won’t mind. Dear Producer, The following references will provide positve information to what I have stated below; ‘The Holographic Universe – it’s an illusion’ (You …

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Jul 29 2009

No crazy like the real crazy

Ah well. It appears that, despite a brave showing by Frikle, the votes are in, and no one can quite write like allexus8 except allexus8. Who, by the way, seems to have been mum since that old pedo Tony or Bernie or whatever his name is had the book thrown at him, and is on …

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Jun 27 2009

Your email smile for the day

Okay, now, before you all dogpile this poor chap, be mindful of the fact he’s from Brazil, so his wonky grammar and syntax are a result of ESL and not, you know, cretinous idiocy. (Though we have on occasion heard from American creationists who’ve sounded almost like this.) So, just enjoy the delightfully delirious content …

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