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Apr 11 2013

A New Fan is “Concerned”

Our new fan, Pete, wrote to us to tell us we really need to consider the concerns he brings up about marriage equality, namely, that allowing gay people to adopt kids is a violation of the kids’ rights. When we consider his concerns, he admonishes us to be “unbiased and completely honest.” Pete presents a fairly …

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Jan 31 2013

We get email: Believers and their security blankets

You know what theists are hung up on? This notion of absolute certainty and dogma. Because they are so often trained to think in no other way, they cannot fathom how rational people can freely admit to not knowing a thing for certain, and yet still feel confident in rejecting the truth of the thing …

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Apr 24 2012

Because you just love it when we share our emails


There’s a fine art to trolling, I am discovering. And when you’re an intensely devout evangelical type with a really awesome stack of scripture quotes and (what you don’t quite grasp are) fallacies that you can’t wait to unload on some pain-in-the-ass online atheists who think they’re so smart, it’s best if you first make …

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Mar 17 2012

We get email: Weekend edition

This may be a Poe, but this morning someone called Alan Webster wrote us with the subject line “Seeking an interview.” Hi, I have been challenged by some of your co-hort’s to contact you and challenge you belief’s. are you willing? DEMONSTOPPER. So I write back… What would you like to ask us? And he’s …

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Jan 11 2012

We get… uh, text messages?

Yesterday we received a string of messages which I assume originated from a cell phone.  They had no subject, and the return address was [a ten digit number]@vzwpix.com. Texter: Need this question answer while that all the laws was pass down by ((God)) are 100% proven true if he don’t exit. Me: Can you ask …

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Dec 20 2011

We are beaten

The letter below is devastating to the atheist cause.  We may as well pack it in right now.

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Aug 09 2011

Well, that was weird

So I’m just sitting around when my Google chat pops up. 3:57 PM kyle: russel you got a second 3:58 PM ill get ahold of you There follows a brief pause as I look Kyle up in my email history, because I have no idea who this is. Turns out I had two email exchanges …

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Jun 11 2011

In which Martin and Tracie give Gavin the respect he’s earned. (Long one, sorry.)

It may seem pointless dealing with the contemptible behavior of trolls, an activity annoying enough for any hundred people. Especially when the troll in question takes this pitifully dishonest tack of assailing us with the most repugnant insults he can come up with (and if you ask me, Matt could hardly be blamed if he …

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Jun 10 2011

The crazy, it’s coming!

So, we’ve had a series of e-mails from some little troll (who may be a Poe or genuinely in need of psychiatric treatment) who clearly hates me. The brief summary (of what must be closing in on many dozens of printed pages of nastiness) is this: 1. Guy writes to explain how much I suck …

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Jun 01 2011

We get email

The Atheist Experience audience has made me extremely paranoid, since it is a virtual guarantee that every single theist caller or commenter who expresses their two cents will be called a Poe by somebody. To listen to them talk, you’d think that there is not a single True Christian to be found anywhere in the …

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