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Jul 01 2010

A cruel, gratuitous taunt

Hey. Guess what Matt and I have done today that you haven’t…? Heard the newly-completed full-length version of Bryan Steeksma’s “Listen to Reason,” that’s what. Verdict: Damn! Patience, grasshoppers…. (In the meantime, you can still buy Residual Soul.) As has been noted, the full-length song is available for download now.

Jan 18 2010

Bryan Steeksma’s Residual Soul

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from AETV viewers is “Who does that kickass opening song?” to which we’ve replied, often, that it’s by Canadian artist and AETV fan Bryan Steeksma. As your FYI post for Monday I direct you to Bryan’s download-only album Residual Soul, available from CDBaby for $24.99, and …

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