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Aug 16 2011

Smile when you call them bitches!

What do Jen, Tracie, and Beth do when they aren’t kicking buttock on the TV show, here, on Facebook, and in the world at large? Well, as of now they’re concentrating on their new podcast, Godless Bitches, the first episode of which is now submitted for your approval. Think of it as The View, except …

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Jul 18 2011

It’s time for the Blag Hag BLOGATHON for the SSA!

I’m not just on the Secular Student Alliance‘s Speaker’s Bureau, I’m a fan of the work they do and as supportive as I can possibly be. (Which basically means that I talk them up whenever I can and then run around to whatever schools ask me to speak.) Well, Jen McCreight of Blag Hag fame, …

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Sep 06 2010

Something to read with your Monday morning coffee

Everyone loves a good beatdown of those two adorable sad-sack clowns, Ray Cameron and Kirk Comfort. (Or is that the other way around? Oh, who cares!) And here, a fine young atheist writer named Nathan Dickey provides one for your reading pleasure. Enjoy. Talking to Nathan on Facebook this morning, he brought up that he …

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Feb 26 2009

Get your nerd on, with Castles of Air

I apologize for the self-promotion, but I know we have a big audience and I’d like to drum up an initial following for my newest blog. Castles of Air is about the art and science of software development. While this is admittedly a very specialized interest, I know we are blessed by a high proportion …

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Aug 09 2008

Critical Mass

Once again I have to wave at my good friends Lloyd, Alan, and Rachel, who live way way way down on that big island. (Actually, I think Lloyd is still freezing his ass off up in Scotland. I’d say he’s due home.) At TAM they were all excited to get their own blog and podcast …

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Aug 07 2008

Sprouting Seeds

It warms my heart to see young people embrace reason and critical thinking and declare themselves atheists. I have always valued learning and it is wonderful to see young people independently reach the same conclusion I have. It makes me wish I was able to do so earlier in my life. Alas, I’m from a …

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Jul 09 2008

New blogs by atheist women

Within the last few days we’ve been emailed by two different atheist women who have just started their own blogs. The first was Kafir Girl, an ex-Muslim in originally from Pakistan, who has decided to read the Koran cover-to-cover and blog the entire experience. I don’t know how far she’ll get, but her first post …

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