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Mar 14 2008

Expelled = epic fail!

An invitation-only (of course) private screening for Expelled in Florida, held expressly to influence state legislators to support a bogus “academic freedom” bill that’s been introduced to counter the recent ruling that schools must teach evolution, tanked miserably, drawing only about 100 viewers. There’s a report here. It seems no one (least of all lawmakers, …

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Mar 10 2008

More embarrassing press for Expelled

The more these clowns responsible for Expelled get any press outside the protected confines of the fundamentalist anti-science subculture, the more desperate and dishonest they look. Now the New York Times has published an article about the whole fracas involving Orlando Sentinel reviewer Roger Moore, the absurd press conference and screening he attended where people …

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Feb 18 2008

Another day, another load of creationist lies and hypocrisy

These people just can’t not lie. From the Expelled blog: Big Science doesn’t like it when they can’t control the message: it’s why we made EXPELLED. From a report on an Expelled press conference [emphasis added]: Now if Expelled can be said to have a theme, it is that all sorts of ideas should be …

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Feb 13 2008

Typical, typical, typical

The dishonest morons who produced Ben Stein’s comedy masterpiece Expelled posted a ridiculously deluded rant against Darwin Day to their blog, in which they lie so copiously and egregiously about the positions of Darwin and Dawkins that PZ Myers couldn’t resist laying down the pwnage, which he did with his usual masterful command of all …

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Feb 01 2008

Expelled: even lamer than we all thought

The Orlando Sentinel has the first mainstream media review I’ve seen of Ben Stein’s ID propaganda film Expelled, and it ain’t pretty. The film’s egregious dishonesty is evident from the outset, as it attempts to confuse the issue in the minds of an uninformed public and present the ID-vs.-evolution argument as an academic freedom issue, …

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Jan 16 2008

Why hasn’t Uwe Boll thought of this?

Worried that your movie is going to tank in the wake of unavoidable, relentless mockery and abuse? Just pay people to see it anyway! The latest news making the rounds of science blogs is the remarkable revelation that the producers of Expelled, the farcical ID faux-documentary soon to be released and hosted by the foolish …

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Nov 26 2007

Expelled trailer

Here we go, it’s the first full length trailer for Expelled and now it appears to be an even bigger mountain of crap than it looked like before. I am so looking forward to seeing this movie with fellow ACA members. I’m not kidding. I hope you folks will join me. In just the first …

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