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Apr 01 2011


Attention all atheists: ALL YOUR BLOG AM BELONG TO DM. Are you listening to me now??? ———————- PZ Myers, the little jerkface, time to bury him under piles of squid. I BET HE’D LIKE THAT! Katy Perry has B**BS! And Elmo is looking! DON’T THINK WE AREN’T ON TO YOU, ELMO!!! Can you hear me, …

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Apr 01 2009

Kirk Cameron to Host Atheist Experience

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE In a press conference today, Matt Dillahunty, host of The Atheist Experience, announced that he would retire and hand over the reigns to film actor, long-time atheist, and master comedian Kirk Cameron. The 38 year old Cameron is a former child actor who starred in the hit comedy series Growing Pains, before …

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Apr 01 2008

Press Release: Atheist Experience Series Finale to Air Sunday, April 6

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEThe popular cable access television show and podcast, The Atheist Experience, will air a special fifteen minute episode on Sunday, April 6, announcing the conclusion of the show’s ten and a half year run. When pressed for an explanation, show host and president of the Atheist Community of Austin Matt Dillahunty said: “I’ve …

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Apr 01 2007

A convoluted April Fool’s joke

I’m not really sure who perpetrated this, but bear with me, this may be a wee bit complicated. The various folks at scienceblogs.org and pandasthumb.org have recently had great fun debunking a character at the Discovery Institute named Michael Egnor. (From Pharyngula: Example 1, Example 2.) Egnor claims to be both a neurosurgeon and an …

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