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Feb 20 2011

Today: “Family Values”

Today’s show will be about that cherished buzzword of ignorance: “Family Values”. Consider this post to be an open thread on the episode.

Mar 04 2009

Do Moderate Christians Enable Fundamentalist Agendas?

I have a theist friend who thinks I’m too quick to blame some of the world’s ills on religion. After all, he was raised in religion. He believes in god, and he doesn’t care if anyone else does or not. He isn’t trying to force it onto anyone else. He isn’t writing to legislators to …

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Nov 05 2008


Yes, there was a blemish on last night, which is that Christian Hate gets to crow about at least one victory. I am a little baffled about the Californians this morning. After all, they managed to deliver the state pretty handily for Obama, giving him no less than 61% of the popular vote there. So …

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Oct 17 2008

Wildmon is simply freaking!

Donald Wildmon, patriarch of the American “Family” Association, is really really upset that McCain/Palin are flailin’ in the polls, you betcha, and he’s sent out one of the AFA’s typically histrionic “Action Alert” e-mails in the hopes of rallying the Hate+Fear Brigade to save America from the scary libruls. After the usual whining, blaming the …

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Jul 16 2008

Let’s make Donald Wildmon’s nightmare come true!

Via Brayton, I come across this awesome piece over at OneNewsNow, the “news” site of the fundamentalist hate group American “Family” Association. You know, the same people who had that hilarious editorial gaffe recently involving an Olympic track star. Wildmon has his knickers in a twist over the upcoming Proposition 8 vote this November in …

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Jul 01 2008

Fundie homophobes provide your daily dose of comedy

In case you hadn’t caught this: Donald Wildmon’s anti-gay hate group the American “Family” Association has its very own “news” site, OneNewsNow, which may or may not be as thoroughly bugnutty as WorldNetDaily, that repository of pure, unbridled right-wing parallel-universe lunacy. I can’t be bothered to read it regularly enough to make comparisons. But ridicule …

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Aug 23 2007

Tim Todd’s truthiness tosh targets teens

Okay, maybe that’s not great alliteration. Oh well. It’s early. The most recent effluvia from the Americhristian Fascist Association is plugging evangelist Tim Todd’s The Truth for Youth comic-book Bible for teens, which Tim is offering to send a free copy of to any teen willing to give it to an “unsaved” classmate. Todd is, …

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Aug 15 2007

So much hate. So much fear. So many lies.

One of the stupider arguments from Ray Comfort, an already pitifully stupid evangelist as it is, is the “have you ever lied?” argument, which Comfort fancies is a slamdunk takedown of non-Christians and their imagined lack of moral fiber. The deep, deep irony of this is that no one lies like a fundamentalist Christian. Lying …

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