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Jan 16 2012

Open thread on AE #744 / NPR 11.1 / GB 2.1

This week in ACA media: Russell and Don reveal the failure of prayer Matt, Shilling, Denis and Russell discuss the Republican primaries, and other highly controversial stuff Beth, Lynnea, and Tracie talk up the Jessica Ahlquist lawsuit, girl scouts membership policies, and much more

Dec 09 2011

AETV Live Chat Room Moderation Policy (v1.0)

Most of you who watch The Atheist Experience live are aware that there is a live chat room that runs on Ustream.  It has, as of recently, been regularly moderated by some combination of Jen, Lynnea, John and me.  The purpose of this post is to try to establish some guidelines that will clarify the …

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Oct 24 2011

Open thread on episode #732

Russell, Jen, and a young earth creationist make for a fun half hour, on the two time award winning Atheist Experience.  Also: deism, and what do you do about religious parents?

Oct 09 2011

A Sunday without AETV is like a day without rainbows and kittens

But that is the kind of day we’re having today, folks. Another stupid studio cancellation. But AETV will return next weekend with Matt and Jen, followed by Russell and myself the following weekend. Word may have gotten out that we have a new building. I haven’t actually toured it myself yet, but I’m hopeful some …

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Sep 29 2011

Introductions: The show

Welcome to our new home on Freethought Blogs.  The transition seems to have gone smoothly, so I assume we’ll have some new people stumbling across us. The Atheist Experience is a live public access call-in television show based out of Austin, Texas.  It launched in 1997.  You can learn more about the show here, including …

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Sep 26 2011

Open thread on Episode #728

Russell and Jeff in the self-described “awesome episode.”  One theist caller gets 20 minutes, while another gets summarily dumped after his opening statement.  A new study shows that belief in God is linked with intuitive thinking, or to put it another way, preferring to choose the answer that sounds good over thinking carefully about what’s …

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Sep 18 2011

Open Thread on 727

Secular charities mentioned in today’s show include: Planned Parenthood Austin Doctors Without Borders Capital Area Food Bank Atheists Helping the Homeless These organizations help real people in this life – the only one we’re sure to get. They’re transparent about what they do, and serve anyone in need. As I mentioned on the show today, …

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Sep 13 2011

Open letter to Mark/ChrisLanganFan et al

Dear Mark, I’ll call you Mark because that was the first name you used when you called us, and I’ve spoken to you at length using that name twice.  If that’s not your preferred name, please let me know what name I should use instead. For a long time, I denied that your calls were …

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Sep 12 2011

Open thread on Episode #726

Post here about the show on 9/11/2011 with Matt and Jen.

Aug 29 2011

Open thread on Episode #724

Don and Russell talk abortion and sex ed, then Mike in Detroit tries to make the case that following God’s law fixes everything. Fun time had by all. Have at it.

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