Mission Control Texas

Over the last year or so, The Atheist Experience has been the subject of a German documentary. The documentary, Mission Control Texas, is about religion in America, and especially Texas. It’s a study of contrasts as you can see from the trailer, below. They focused on our show, I think, because we are one of the few places where honest discussion happens about religion on the air.

The documentary is done and they are showing it in at least one film festival in Germany and it will be aired on German television in the coming months. If we ever find out how to buy it, we’ll post something here on the blog. For now, enjoy their great trailer.

Open Thread for AE #906: Matt and Jen

Last Thursday, a very lovely couple of 31 years got married in Austin. The Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, immediately set about trying to have their marriage declared void. His reason? They’re a lesbian couple. Yes, these two women who’ve been together for 31 years and who’ve raised two children are a dire threat to the institution of marriage in Texas. In case you were wondering, yep, Paxton’s a fundamentalist evangelical, as well as a craven political panderer. He’s also one of the most mean-spirited assholes on the planet.

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