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Sep 21 2010

Removing blog roll for now

That neat little widget that used to appear in the side bar, which scrolls through a list of other atheist blogs, is gone for now. It was causing some false reports of malicious software on some browsers. We’ll keep an eye on this site until they come up with a solution to put it back.

Sep 14 2010

Open thread on Non-Prophets 9.8

It just occurred to me that I mentioned the new episode was up last week via Facebook, and of course you podcast-savvy listeners have already heard it. But for those who only rely on the blog for new information, you may not know that there is an all new guerilla episode featuring Lynnea, Jeff Dee, …

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Sep 14 2010

Open thread on episode #674

Oh yes, I said I’d be making more of these links when they’re called for, right? Episode 674 happened last Sunday and featured Don Baker and Tracie Harris. Have at it!

Sep 03 2010

An unsolicited chat about Pascal’s Wager.

Out of nowhere just now, I received a message on Gmail: 12:40 PM some guy [screen name withheld]: So you’re an atheist? Naturally I thought, “So who the heck is this guy and why is he pestering me?” Searching through my email , I found a long exchange with a Muslim, which I eventually got …

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Sep 02 2010

We’d like to thank the academy…

Hey, gang, remember that one time when we asked you to go vote for us as best access TV show in the Austin Chronicle? Well, thanks very much for your votes… WE WON! Got a nice blurb, too: This international public access show includes debates about religious philosophy while promoting a positive education on atheism. …

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Sep 01 2010

Flowchart: Does God send people to hell?

Alert viewer Robert K. was inspired to create this flow chart based on Matt and Jeff’s dialogue with Denise. The only part that I would object to, a bit, is that it implies that the caller should not be taken seriously if he or she supplies a “wrong answer” to the early questions about what …

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Aug 30 2010

Open thread about AE #672

We’ve received some pleas lately to have threads available to discuss the shows when they happen, so I’m going to try and grant that request. If you can’t see a thread started each week, feel free to drop a line to [email protected] asking for it. I’m listening to the show right now, and I just …

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Aug 25 2010

Doing my part to spread the word

Back during a few months when the TV show was being filmed from “Dillahunty International Studios” rather than its normal location at the public access TV station, we stopped eating at Threadgill’s for a while and started going to a place near Lakeline Mall called Pluckers Wing Bar. Some people didn’t like it, but I …

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Aug 20 2010

Still more on being a dick

This started as a comment on Matt’s post about being a dick, but when it got to a certain length, I decided to barge to the front of the line and write my own post. That is, no doubt, a dick move on my part. The problem with Phil’s approach isn’t that there are no …

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Aug 17 2010

The Quran and the speed of light

I think I should make a policy, that if I received a similar very specific question by email twice, I should turn the first exchange into a blog post and link it as a reply to the same question in the future. I probably won’t be able to stick to this policy, but I’m doing …

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