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Dec 06 2010

Who are you calling a sheep? (Another classical music post)

It’s the holiday season, and my chorus last weekend performed a piece closely associated with the season, Handel’s Messiah. As I’ve often said before about choral music, atheists have to judge the artistic merits of a piece of music apart from the message being conveyed through the music. Presumably even the most hardened philistine is …

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Nov 12 2010

Alternate universe TV crossover episode!

Hey folks, quick heads up. I will be in Seattle this weekend visiting my dad, and I’ve arranged to show up as a third wheel cohost on “Ask an Atheist” on Sunday. What? You haven’t heard of Ask an Atheist? Why, it’s a nonprofit call-in cable access show promoting (something similar to) positive atheism and …

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Nov 02 2010

Another year, another Hell House

Lynnea‘s still relatively new to Texas, with just over a year clocked here, and she told me she really wanted to visit a Hell House this Halloween. Long time readers may recall that I had a terrible experience with a Hell House a couple of years ago — seven of us stood in line for …

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Oct 21 2010

New LIVE Non-Prophets return this Saturday

The rabble are banging away at Martin’s post with torches and pitchforks, demanding to know: when, oh when will there be a new non-guerilla episode? Wonder no more! The first new “official” Non-Prophets Radio will air LIVE this Saturday, October 23. It will feature Matt, Denis, and me… and if all goes according to plan, …

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Oct 14 2010

WTF do they know?

“As Deepak Chopra taught us, quantum physics means anything can happen at any time for no reason.”– Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth My fiancee and I watched What the Bleep Do We Know? Why? Because it was there. By reputation it is a terrible new-age movie that claims to be about science. The film makers attempt …

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Oct 11 2010

Open thread on episode #678

Have at it. Personally, I was frustrated by the hour long format; there’s a constant tension while deciding whether to cut people off, and as you probably noticed, it didn’t get us any additional theist callers. The big studio, while neat, has spotty wireless, so only one person can be connected to the internet. Supposedly …

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Oct 08 2010

Non Credo in Unum Deum: Religion in classical music

Next weekend I’ll be performing a concert with my group, Chorus Austin. We will be doing the Mozart Mass in C-Minor which is, in all honesty, a simply amazing piece of choral work. If you can make it, you ought to come. Schedule and details are here, and you can check out the nifty glossy …

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Oct 07 2010

Yeah, death to our readers too!

Well gee, it looks like Language Log and Pharyngula are BOTH taking a more, shall we say, aggressive moderation policy on unwanted comments. Since I do love jumping on bandwagons, I think it’s only fair to warn you folks that any perpetrators of the following activities in the blog comments, email to the TV list, …

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Sep 28 2010

Good luck with that, Larry

Larry Moran offers an interesting challenge: I challenge all theists and all their accommodationist friends to post their very best 21st century, sophisticated (or not), arguments for the existence of God. They can put them in the comments section of this posting, or on any of the other atheist blogs, or on their own blogs …

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Sep 27 2010

Open thread on episode #676

Matt and Jeff in our last 90 minute episode for a while. I’m in the middle of listening right now. There appears to be a problem with the podcast, because annoying music keeps interrupting the audio. It might be coming from another studio or something. Now this is ticking me off. 30 minutes into the …

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