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Name: Matt Dillahunty
Date registered: September 28, 2011
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President, Atheist Community of Austin Host of The Atheist Experience / The Non-Prophets Lecturer (Secular Student Alliance - Speakers Bureau)

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Oct 12 2011

Texas Freethought Convention / Atheist Alliance America Convention

This is going to be a fairly quick and dirty review of the weekend. I’ve got work to catch up on, a wedding to plan and there are a number of things that have fallen through the cracks (the winners of the wig and dress will have their items soon, I promise)… I’m sticking with …

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Oct 03 2011

Introductions: Matt Dillahunty


So, we’ve moved the blog over to a new home and the obligatory introductions have commenced. Hi, I’m Matt and I’m an atheist and a former Christian. As this sounds a bit like an Alcoholics Anonymous introduction, allow me to shred the nonsensical victim-promoting 12 steps by turning them on their head: 1. I’m not …

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Aug 17 2011

Rabbi really, really wants Intelligent Design to be true, so it must be!

I’ve tried to respond to this post, but they’re rather sluggish about approving comments that might expose their idiocy, so I’m posting my reply here. The Rabbi writes: The obvious and most significant conclusion that can be drawn from all their splendid work in the lab is that the only reasonable explanation for the emergence …

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Aug 17 2011

Mark/Bob/Thomas from London

I’m going to try to explain this very simply, because the amount of mail coming about this is staggering. Basically, the claim is “Mark from Stone Church is also Bob and Thomas from London and I can’t believe you guys can’t figure this out. His accent was even obviously fake!” Yes, the accent was horrible. …

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Jul 18 2011

It’s time for the Blag Hag BLOGATHON for the SSA!

I’m not just on the Secular Student Alliance‘s Speaker’s Bureau, I’m a fan of the work they do and as supportive as I can possibly be. (Which basically means that I talk them up whenever I can and then run around to whatever schools ask me to speak.) Well, Jen McCreight of Blag Hag fame, …

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Jul 16 2011

The drag episode…pre-show notes.

Tomorrow (later today, actually) I’ll be heading down to the studio, in drag. I wanted to take a few minutes, before the show, to talk about the process of making this happen and why it’s unlikely to happen again (I think you’ll agree I’ve got good reasons). That said, this is a positive post – …

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Jul 09 2011

One night stand with Jesus (…or, we get mail)

Here’s an e-mail from someone who made a video rebuttal to something Russell and I said, then begged us to comment on it and then didn’t like that I called him out for rationalizing away the horrible doctrines he accepts by implying that we’re all God’s playthings to do with as he pleases. He was …

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Jun 22 2011

Seven Heroes updated.

There seems to have been some confusion (some on my part, some on the part of people who read or skimmed my last post). The first error was mine. The post from David Silverman was a blog post and not an American Atheists press release, as I had represented. That said, it was a public …

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Jun 21 2011

Seven Heroes…and press releases.

Atheists aren’t always going to agree. That’s just an undeniable truth. I am, perhaps, a bit abnormal because I actually like the fact that we often disagree. Among my atheist friends, it’s often the ones I disagree with that I most value and the disagreements often help us all more than we realize. For example, …

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Jun 10 2011

The crazy, it’s coming!

So, we’ve had a series of e-mails from some little troll (who may be a Poe or genuinely in need of psychiatric treatment) who clearly hates me. The brief summary (of what must be closing in on many dozens of printed pages of nastiness) is this: 1. Guy writes to explain how much I suck …

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