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Name: Matt Dillahunty
Date registered: September 28, 2011
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President, Atheist Community of Austin Host of The Atheist Experience / The Non-Prophets Lecturer (Secular Student Alliance - Speakers Bureau)

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Jul 18 2013

Don’t be a Dick – new from Jezebel!

Over at Jezebel, there’s an article on how to be an atheist without being a dick about it. Ironically, I have yet to read an article or hear a talk about atheists being dicks that didn’t include a few examples of the author or speaker actually being a dick. Lindy West is not an exception. …

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Apr 26 2013

You really, really, really don’t want to read this.

No, seriously…you don’t want to read this. The other day, I got an e-mail that read: “I think I am the only Human on Earth that can convert you to Christianity. Please contact me.   Maybe we can talk on the phone and than set-up a live interview. I could explain the real position of the Bible. Ask a pendulum …

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Dec 12 2012

Answering Justice Scalia

Recently, during the Q&A period following his talk at Princeton, Justice Scalia asked the following… “If we cannot have moral feelings against homosexuality, can we have it against murder?” So, I thought I’d take a moment to answer his questions.

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Oct 09 2012

Feedback from Sunday’s show…

Let’s make today’s e-mail a GREAT one. I directed a caller on Sunday’s show to my take on the Sermon on the Mount. He was, admittedly, a searching deist with Christian leanings – but he was still of the opinion that the New Testament was an improvement and that there were merits there that elevated …

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Sep 06 2012

An open letter to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Based on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cncbOEoQbOg&feature=BFa&list=FLry4eIS1_98ZxFO0geP7xJw I sent the following letter to Mayor Villaraigosa and the Democratic Party: — Mr. Mayor, I’m not a citizen of Los Angeles, but I am a Democrat. When Ted Strickland offered his amendment, calling for the party platform to recognize his god, I was disappointed, but not surprised. This sort …

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Jun 20 2012

Donate to CampQuest – help me defeat this upstart!

“Our daughter told us when she came home from Camp Quest Texas that it was the first time in her life that she felt completely comfortable and honest around kids her own age. She said that the experience was like drawing a deep breath for the first time.” That’s why we’re doing this. SEND ALL …

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May 11 2012

Matt’s debates and podcasts and upcoming schedule…

So, I’ve been busy. I did a debate in Frisco, TX at the NTSSC. JT Eberhard and I teamed up against John Ferrer and Sloan Lee. That video is now up here: I couldn’t have asked for a better partner or been more pleased about the heavy lifting he did. It made room for my …

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May 09 2012

Thoughts on the SCA’s new Executive Director

For those who aren’t aware, the Secular Coalition for America represents 11 member groups and it serves as the lobbyists for the secular community. I’ve been a vocal supporter of the SCA (and many of their member organizations) for years. A few days ago, they announced their new Executive Director and the secular community got …

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Mar 19 2012

Matt’s speaking/debate schedule

By the way, if you’ve invited me to speak/debate and don’t see your event on this list, contact me immediately! This is the rough schedule. I’ll get details added as I get them. Edit: Postponed (was March 24th) – Sam Houston University – Topic: The Superiority of Secular Morality My apologies…the event at Sam Houston …

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Mar 12 2012

On Christianity and the slavery billboard…

I loved the slavery billboard and thought the message was clear and good – but Sikivu Hutchinson argues that even when the message is understood, the imagery is unwelcome and that we have badly misunderstood the audience. On the subject of the billboard and whether or not it is racist, I’ll concede that there’s apparently …

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