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Oct 06 2009

Conservapedia to form their own schism

Right now, lots and lots of people are emailing us to make absolutely sure that we’ve heard the exciting news that the geniuses behind Conservapedia want to rewrite the Bible without all the bits that they consider too liberal. To be blunt, it reminds me of trying to rewrite Olsen’s Standard Book of British Birds …

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Sep 28 2009

Watch found on bat cruise

Sorry for taking up space with this announcement. I mentioned this on the Atheist Experience yesterday, but I know a lot of people skip past the announcements. Someone left a watch on the boat after the bat cruise ended on Saturday. I have it. If you think it may be yours, email [email protected] with a …

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Sep 24 2009

E. J. Dionne report

As promised, I attended a lecture by E. J. Dionne, Washington Post columnist, at a Baptist church tonight. Dionne was there under the auspices of the Texas Freedom Network, promoting his new book, Souled Out: Reclaiming Faith and Politics after the Religious Right. Here’s what the incredibly gaudy church background looked like. Everything Else Atheist …

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Sep 20 2009

Atheist factions

Yesterday on the Non-Prophets episode 8.16, Matt posed the question: do people perceive a schism forming in the skeptical community? Is there a concerted effort to distance the general skeptical movement from atheists? You can listen to this discussion somewhere around the last fifteen minutes of the show. After you do, we’d like your feedback.

Sep 10 2009

TFN Political event alert

I’m planning to attend this event hosted by the Texas Freedom Network. From my inbox: Could the religious right really be on the decline in America? Come hear E.J. Dionne, the award-winning columnist for The Washington Post and author of the best-selling book Souled Out: Reclaiming Faith and Politics after the Religious Right, at a …

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Sep 03 2009

We get YouTubes (Historicity of Jesus part 2)

As mentioned in the previous post, this is the video posted by Aaronk1994. A little after the one minute mark, Aaron accused Jen of misrepresenting the argument that she was trying to address. Jen said: “The claim is the Jesus must have been divine because his disciples wouldn’t have died for something that they knew …

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Sep 03 2009

We get YouTubes (Historicity of Jesus part 1)

On the show two weeks ago, Matt and Jen got a call from aaronk1994, a 15 year old YouTube apologist. Aaron called in within the last few minutes, so the argument didn’t have time to get up to speed. That week, a viewer sent email mentioning that Aaron might call back during the week I …

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Aug 24 2009

On keeping your cool

An email friend, whom I’ll call “Carl,” (he can identify himself in the comments if he feels like it) sent me a message with the subject “Could you help?” It contained a few letters exchanged with a pastor named Jesse. It seems that some of Carl’s well-meaning friends don’t care for his atheism, and therefore …

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Aug 10 2009

Teh emailz, we gets dem

Ordinarily I don’t post the full names of emailers. However, in this case, John Berbatis from Perth seems to be busy enough posting his own name everywhere that he probably won’t mind. Dear Producer, The following references will provide positve information to what I have stated below; ‘The Holographic Universe – it’s an illusion’ (You …

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Jul 25 2009

Open thread on Thunderf00t vs. Ray Comfort

A lot of people are emailing us to let us know that the big debate is up on YouTube. Here’s part one, and you can follow up on the rest yourself. I’m opening it up to comments because I know you’re all dying to discuss their respective performances. I will probably contribute my own impressions …

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