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Mar 07 2011

Vote for us for Best Atheist Podcast

Voting ends March 8th about midnight for the About.com Reader’s Choice Awards. We’re ahead, but not by much… http://atheism.about.com/b/2011/02/11/vote-agnosticism-atheism-2011-readers-choice-award-for-best-podcast-of-2010.htm If you haven’t voted, and you’d like to see us win, do so now.

Mar 06 2011

Open Thread / Show #699: Tracie & Matt

I would like to talk a bit about something I explained in a recent viewer mail to someone who wrote in to ask the following (emphasis mine): In agreement with the Big Bang theory, where the existence of the Universe was once an immeasurable “ball” of infinite density and mass, and wherein a reaction took …

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Feb 22 2011

Fan mail…oh the irony…

I wont bother ripping this to shreds, because the author doesn’t care to hear from us (yet we’re the closed-minded ones)…so, enjoy: I am not Theist. I have never seen a bigger bunch of Cop-outs and evangelists such as yourselves. You feed on the blood of the ignorant with your rediculous commentary and outdated science …

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Feb 19 2011

Facebook friends…not always friendly.

I’m currently unable to add any new friends and that turned out to be a pretty good thing. Beth and I both received friend requests from a “Michelle Kay”. We noticed that she didn’t have any mutual friends, but Beth went ahead and accepted the friend request after noting that she listed herself as a …

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Feb 19 2011

Anonymous, Westboro and free speech.

UPDATE: Anonymous isn’t going after WBC Or are they? That’s the problem with anonymity and a free-form organization that isn’t an organization…how do we know which announcement represents them or if there’s a ‘them’ to represent? It’s pretty silly, really. Original: Let me be perfectly clear: The activities of the Phelps family and their Westboro …

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Feb 18 2011

God, $20, Skepchick, Dickishness …

This is long, has quite a few links – and I’m going to call some skeptics out for being decidedly unskeptical… The Religious Antagonists, Mike Lee, posted a new video on January 25th and the response has been mixed. The short description is that he offers a homeless couple $20 to remove the word “God” …

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Feb 14 2011

Understanding atheists

A response to this posting by Rabbi Adam Jacobs: “My dear Rabbi Jacobs, If your goal is to try to “walk back” some of the clamorous dialogue and understand each other better, perhaps you shouldn’t start by presuming to define atheism on your terms and proceding to tell us that we’re not really atheists. Beating …

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Jan 13 2010

We get email

Hard to keep coming up with creative new titles for these, so may as well just stick with the time-tested one. Dear AE, please stop being naive & guilble. You’re blinded & deceived by the devil. I pray that you, along with every fellow atheist find the light through all the darkness you all remain …

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Jan 11 2010

Post-show thoughts for 1/10

Hi folks, Thanks for watching the show last night, and thanks in advance to all of you who will eventually come across this thread after listening to the podcast. Sorry for spinning this off into a new post, but I felt like using my executive privilege to cut in line and not appear after 20+ …

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Jan 06 2010

Came up with a one-liner, now I’m just waiting for an opportunity

Hypothetical nondenominational new agey theist caller: “Don’t you understand, God is the energy in the universe.”Russell: “Do you measure him in joules or calories?”

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