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Name: Jen Peeples
Date registered: September 28, 2011
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Atheist, lesbian mother from Austin, TX. VP of the Atheist Community of Austin, rotating co-host on The Atheist Experience TV show, and regular co-host of the Godless Bitches podcast.

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May 22 2009

“Stop bashing my religion”

Fairly often, we get e-mails complaining about how we are only out to bash Christianity and will we please just stop. Usually, the author will have a glowing impression of their religion and its impact on the world and we are just misinformed. We do beat up on Christianity. I know I do. I think …

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May 14 2009

Ratzinger is a self-serving hypocrite and the press is too brow-beaten to tell the truth

In the May 12th Austin American Statesman, there is an article from the Los Angeles Times concerning the Pope’s visit to the Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem. (Unfortunately, I can’t find a link to the story that was printed.) Ordinarily, I try very hard to ignore the ridiculous antics of the Pope and the Vatican. Maybe …

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Mar 30 2009


We had a caller on the March 22nd show who was hearing impaired and we attempted to interact with him via a TTY service. Unfortunately, we didn’t get very far with the caller as the interaction was so painful, but he did get out a rather strange phrase having to do with abortion. Matt and …

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Dec 25 2008

Ray probably exists, I think…

Ray has asked for evidence that Darwin existed and, as expected, has decided to imitate his strawman view of atheists by declaring every piece of evidence unacceptable because we can’t be absolutely certain. Here’s my response: “Ray’s right, we can’t be absolutely certain that Darwin existed. We can’t be absolutely certain about any historical event. …

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Dec 10 2008

Baby-eaters of the world, unite!

Just an amusing bit of edible art…nothing more. Edit: I wasn’t skeptical enough and didn’t check this out – evidently they’re made of clay and not marzipan. Still – if someone could make them out of marzipan, you might have a market!

Dec 10 2008

Ray’s idea of justice…

Ray wrote: “…would you want Dahmer to go to Hell? Or are you quite happy (assuming that you are an atheist) for him simply to be dead.” Since he’s censoring many of my responses, here it is: I’m not Alex, but I’ll answer. I’m satisfied that Dahmer was imprisoned for the remainder of his life …

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Dec 08 2008

Ray’s threat of hell…

In today’s post at Ray Comfort’s blog, Ray wrote: “…but I don’t think that people should become Christians because of a fear of Hell. Rather, they should come to Christ out of a fear of the God that can cast them into Hell..” I’ve submitted the following response and I don’t care if it gets …

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Oct 30 2008

Liars, Lunatics, Lords, Legends and Lemmings…

I’m starting a bit of a tradition here. Whenever Ray Comfort posts about atheists (he’s rather obsessed with us, some might claim it’s to the point of protesting too much), I write a response and as he’s not always keen about posting dissenting views, I copy it over here to our blog. Ray’s latest post …

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Oct 28 2008

Ray is preaching my stuff!

I just checked the latest post from Ray Comfort and submitted the following response. I’m doubtful that he’ll post it and I’m very doubtful that we’ll ever have any sort of dialog…but, darn it, I just can’t stop trying. I guess I’m a bit more masochistic than I thought. For those that don’t want to …

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Oct 24 2008

Jesus tie-dyed for our sins…

Microbiologychick sent me a link to an article written by a student at ETSU. I submitted the following response, but I have no idea if or when it’ll be published – so my friend suggested I post this here. Run over and read the article…my response will wait. I would definitely agree that there’s a …

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