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Sep 26 2010

No longer a friend of the center…

Rather than writing a long post, I’ll just link to Jerry Coyne’s comments as he and I seem to perpetually be on very nearly the same page. http://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/2010/09/25/cfi-declares-war-on-atheists/ I’ll be speaking to CFI Tampa on October 16th. I plan to talk about whatever they want to talk about and I have no intention of walking …

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Aug 25 2010

Clearly this is a discussion that is long overdue

Before a dozen people send me a link to this article: A Rational Approach to Irrationality let me just say that I’ve read it, it’s more accommodationist dribble and as I agree with Jerry Coyne on the subject, I’ll just send you over to read his response. The only thing I’ll add is this: Pretending …

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Aug 24 2010

Good cop, bad cop?

Here’s a chance to really demonstrate a problem (although it might guarantee that I’m not asked to speak at the University of Oregon)… Lucy Gubbins has weighed in on the recent discussions about the skeptic schism. She and I seem to agree on some things but she’s managed to frame this entire subject so poorly …

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Aug 22 2010

On the difference between religion and woo

Rob Knop has a blog post called “The Difference Between Religion and Woo“. It’s yet another in a long line of passive-aggressive posts, comments and lectures that attempt to disparage skeptical critics of religion by simply claiming that they don’t understand the subject enough to make their criticisms valid. Bollocks. If anything, it is Knop …

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Aug 22 2010

Prince Albert

Jerry Coyne has posted on the “don’t be a dick” subject and he seems to have written many of the same things I’ve written. It’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, Phil says in response. He could choose to be dishonest and dismissive, as he was with me. He could address it fairly and …

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Aug 19 2010

Fan mail, I guess

“How big a man are you or woman to go and attack the memorials set inplace for the men and women who have died protecting this greatnation, that has even protected your rights to be idiots.When thefamilies come with the torches and pitchforks they will even protectyou and after they are killed you will spit …

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Aug 18 2010

Don’t be a dick, part 2: looking beyond the foreskin…

Phil Plait posted part 2 of his response to the conversations spawned by his “Don’t be a dick” speech at TAM8. In his response he addresses my previous post on this subject and I think he does so very dishonestly. I posted the following, but I don’t want it to get lost in the list …

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Jul 30 2010

Compassionate Woman Stops Reluctant Robber With Lie

ABC calls this story: “Faith Stops Florida Robbery” and “Christian Woman Stops Robbery With Faith”. Paraphrased: “I’m here to rob you.”“Let me tell you about Jesus, I’m a Christian.”“I am too and I hate doing this, but I still need to rob you.”“Do you have a family?”“That’s why I’m doing this.”“I can help you get …

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Jul 30 2010

The moral compass

A fan just wrote in with a quote from a Catholic instructor who offered their moral opinion on both rape and masturbation: “Rape is better than masturbation because there is a chance of a child to be conceived rather than wasting that of which God gave us.” This probably doesn’t represent the view of every …

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Jul 28 2010

Answering the right questions…

Reposted from my Facebook notes, by request: “What proof and evidence can you provide that atheism is accurate and correct?” Atheism is not a world view or a philosophy, it does not assert claims that could be viewed as accurate and correct – it is the rejection of theistic claims. It is disbelief of the …

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