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Jul 23 2011

God-based Abortion Policy: FAIL (Open thread on episode 719)

I’m going to talk about abortion again this week. This time, I’m taking a completely different tactic. I’m going to apply my own personal moral principles to the problem and see how well I do against those of the religious right, supposedly backed by their god. Guess which one will come out objectively better? Hopefully, …

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May 28 2011

Jesus F*cking Christ Contest

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a camp group in San Francisco had a contest this last Easter for the best Jesus Fucking Christ. Let you imagination roam a bit. Who would you choose? What image does that phrase bring to mind? The winner and runner up are in the photo. The runner up was the …

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May 03 2011

About Last Weekend

The rumor is true. I got married on May 1st. Wedded, actually. Texas doesn’t yet allow same-sex couples to be married, but it won’t be too long before that changes, I think. I married my partner of almost 12 years, Elton. We are lucky to be together as we complement each-other well. I’m the practical …

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Jan 11 2011

Sex and Religion survey

OK, everybody, it’s time to help out Dr. Darrel Ray by filling out a survey on a couple of my favorite subjects: religion and sex. He needs as many responses as we can get, so I’ll be posting this all over – and let’s try to make sure that this is one area where women …

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Jan 04 2011

Consanguineous bonds

Email question of the day: “So I take it you have no argument against marriage between two consenting adults, even if these adults are, for example, brother and sister?” It’s the question of the day because it sent me off to do a bit of research on incest in order to challenge/re-affirm my position. (Freedom …

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Dec 14 2010

No Phones for next Sunday’s show

Many of you are probably aware that the phone system in the TV studio wasn’t working last Sunday and the crew did whatever they could to make a workable show out of the situation. I’ve just been informed that the phone situation will not be resolved in time for next Sunday’s show. Tracie and I …

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Dec 13 2010

10 best Christmas songs…

Greta Christina has a new post about a story she wrote for AlterNet…trying to list the 10 best Christmas songs for atheists. I don’t like the rules of this particular meme…which is why I wasn’t happy with her list (this isn’t a knock on Greta who I really like and look forward to talking to …

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Oct 17 2010

Mail…some days are better than others

“Hi name is not important. I have a comment. I saw your videos on youtube. I don’t like your attacks on the christian faith. I think your program is full of shit. The Atheist Experience just what the hell is that means. As for prove, you don’t need prove to believe or haven’t you figured …

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Oct 14 2010

Theism is the default position?

Michael Ochoa posted a link to a video and asked me to debunk it. Normally, I’d skip requests like this, as I have too much on my plate…but sometimes I get in a mood and just go for it. Here’s the first (and only draft) of a response to the video: “P1 – In order …

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Sep 27 2010

More Accommodationism – More “He’s not an expert”


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