TV show update

I’m in the Dallas airport with Matt Dillahunty, who has been working tirelessly all week to get the ACA studio set up to broadcast the show this weekend. At this time it looks like broadcasts should continue on Ustream without a hitch. The alternate Channel Austin site will not stream the show this week, but if all goes well, we should be able to stream live on our YouTube channel now.

Since three of us are unavailable to host this week, we had to call in a special strike team, so I’m pleased to say that Non-Prophets host Jeff Dee will be in the host spot this Sunday, with Martin Wagner as cohost.

Calls are still up in the air. This may not work, but please try to Skype or Google hangout with the address Add this contact early if you plan to connect.

Enjoy the show! Unless you’re in St Louis. If you are, come to Gateway to Reason and meet us instead!

ABC’s “What Would You Do?” Gets It Very Wrong

Today someone shared with me a link to a promotion for an episode of ABC’s “What Would You Do?”

For those unfamiliar, the program uses actors in public spaces to test how the general public will react to particular situations that often involve moral responses. I’ve seen one where a man slips drugs into his date’s drink in front of other bar patrons while his date is in the bathroom. Many people came forward to warn the woman about what had happened, and a few challenged the man with the drugs directly. In another segment, they had a pretty blonde woman struggling with her bike lock at a local park. Passersby stopped to assist her. When the person struggling with the lock was changed to a young black man, however, the responses were quite different–hostile and accusatory. [Read more…]

Religious Right AGs Blow Gaskets

Check out this rant about the same-sex marriage verdict. It’s the kind of thing we might usually see in all capital letters. Sadly, it’s from the Texas State Attorney General, who seems to not understand the establishment clause or 14th Amendment and thinks of himself as the only one in the world who has the correct opinion on law. Reminds me of Alabama’s Roy Moore who also went ape shit.