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Jun 30 2014

Justice for the 800 Tuam babies

You may have seen in the news recently that about 800 babies—children of the Catholic Church’s historic “homes” for unwed mothers (or “laundries”)—are unaccounted for and presumed to be buried in unmarked graves.

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Jun 22 2014

Open thread in AETV 871: Russell & Tracie

Russell and Tracie take viewer calls.

Jun 17 2014

Open thread for episode #870

A couple of days late for this thread, gang, sorry. But here it is, so have at it. Among other highlights, Matt expresses his disapproval of the Catholic Church.

Jun 16 2014

ACA Bat Cruise 2014: Bigger and Better than Ever!


Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 27, 2014! This is the date of the 2014 ACA annual Bat Cruise, and we have something special lined up for this year’s cruise, you won’t want to miss. Details of the event are still being finalized, and more information will be made available in coming weeks. But we are …

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Jun 09 2014

Advice for kids coming out to their parents

This is a response to a 16 year old living in Florida with his creationist parents. He’s recently decided that he is a closeted atheist, partly as a result of watching the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate. He wants to know if/how he should come out to his parents. This is advice we’ve given several times on …

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Jun 08 2014

Open thread on episode #869

Top Ten list of things I learned at the Sye Ten Bruggencate debate 10. “Everyone knows that God exists” 9. “It requires God to doubt the existence of God” 8. “I don’t do Bible studies with non-believers” 7. “Adam and Eve *did* die that day — they died spiritually” 6. “Stealing is wrong because God …

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Jun 06 2014

On Sye Ten Bruggencate’s response to Islam and the Outsider Test

Twice during the debate between Matt and Sye, audience members asked Sye a good question that is reminiscent of John Loftus’s “outsider test.” The first questioner comes up at 1:18:30 in the video and asks if Sye agrees with “God’s word” as represented by a passage in the Quran. Sye says no, because the Quran …

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Jun 05 2014

Some recent and future Russell related events

As I mentioned on the show, I’ll be doing a talk in Abilene next month. Here are the details I have so far. The event is being hosted by the Abilene Atheist Alliance. It will happen on Saturday, July 26, at 1:30 PM. It will take place at the Abilene Public Library Auditorium located at …

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Jun 03 2014

The Refining Reason Debate: Matt Dillahunty VS Sye Ten Bruggencate

Thanks to our viewers for linking this from another post. I thought the debate could use its own open discussion thread.

Jun 02 2014

Support Romanian Secular Public Schools

So, I was tagged in a Facebook post this morning. I normally am not interested in being tagged in Facebook posts. But this was a rare occasion where it was something legitimately interesting. A group in Romania has organized a protest of religious instruction in their public school system. They have many local secularists posting …

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