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May 31 2013

Open thread on AETV 815

  Sorry for the late posting, I just realized that neither Matt nor Don ever posts their own threads. Anyway, here it is.

May 22 2013

More on the Merry Christmas bill

I got email today from a reporter for “The Christian Post.” He wanted to ask me some questions about my opinions expressed yesterday on Raw Story. I am not familiar with this reporter’s writing, but thought it might be a bad idea to go into a phone conversation cold. So I wrote a message to …

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May 21 2013

Texas “Merry Christmas Bill”

I got quoted at length by a RawStory.com blogger looking for a reaction to the Texas legislature’s latest salvo in the War On Christmas. It was not the most diplomatic interview I’ve ever given. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/05/21/texas-merry-christmas-bill-is-a-bunch-of-bullsht-says-atheist-tv-host/

May 21 2013

Foundation Beyond Belief OKC relief efforts

Dale McGowan’s organization, Foundation Beyond Belief, runs a Humanist Crisis Response program. In the wake of yesterday’s massive tornado in Oklahoma, they are currently collecting money for Operation USA and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Can you pitch in a few bucks? http://foundationbeyondbelief.org/crisis

May 19 2013

Open thread on episode #814

On the schedule today are Matt and Tracie. As cohost, I need to talk here about what I’ll be talking about. Depending on call volume and what Matt’s in the mood for, I’d like to do another dice demo to examine the statement “X is possible,” and what we mean by that. Is god possible? …

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May 13 2013

Open letter to Corey Keplinger

Corey Keplinger from Schenectady emailed us after we took his call on the show yesterday. I wasn’t rude or offensive. I don’t know why you hung up. To honestly answer Russell’s question… Am I always right? I guess I am, and if I said that last night, Russell would have hung up on me anyway. Matt say’s …

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May 12 2013

Open thread on episode #813

So today it was Russell and Matt, taking, among others, a call from a repeat doof who apparently thinks knowledge works by simple assertion. Oh well…as usual, below is where you say the things you think.

May 10 2013

Theists Have the Best P.R. Machine Ever III

Part I and Part II are also posted on this blog. P.R. Claim: Religion fosters family closeness and family values.   Last night I watched “Polygamy USA.” I am aware that polygamous LDS is not standard LDS. And, further, LDS isn’t standard “Christian.” But what I saw that disturbed me, had nothing to do with …

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May 06 2013

In an email mood


Most days I just don’t have the patience to address the creationist emails we get. Then again, other days I just can’t resist baiting them, and many facepalms ensue. Round OOOOOONNNNNNEEEEE! Subject: If you believe science!!! then research Refer to this http://www.creationworldview.org/aboutus.asp Yep. Bad science done by ideologically driven people. Always enjoy reading that stuff, thanks.

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May 06 2013

How the Problem of Evil uncloaks Christianity’s total moral bankruptcy

"Happy to help, God! I hope that poor young man has learned a valuable lesson! Anything else I can help with once I stop bleeding?"

I don’t think Christians are evil. But the Christian God is evil, and belief in him runs the risk of non-evil people embracing evil through lazy moral and intellectual concessions to things that do not deserve to be conceded. And the Problem of Evil settles it. The PoE came up on yesterday’s show, and in …

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