Monthly Archive: January 2013

Jan 31 2013

We get email: Believers and their security blankets

You know what theists are hung up on? This notion of absolute certainty and dogma. Because they are so often trained to think in no other way, they cannot fathom how rational people can freely admit to not knowing a thing for certain, and yet still feel confident in rejecting the truth of the thing …

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Jan 27 2013

Open Thread for Show 798: Don Baker & Russell Glasser: “Nothing New Under the Son”

Today Don talked about themes in Christianity and how they echo earlier religions and philosophies. We also had a fun time with caller Hamad, who offered this: 1. The universe is finite. 2. If the universe is finite, it cannot be infinite. 3. Finite things exist, therefore an infinite god is necessary.   Of course, …

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Jan 21 2013

The Argument from “It Just Makes Sense to Me”

Someone at the Sunday ACA Lecture series alerted me that my (brief) introductory topic on the last show I cohosted might have confused some people. They asked if I could provide some examples in order to clarify what I was trying to describe. I’m always appreciative when someone lets me know I’ve been unclear, as …

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Jan 20 2013

Atheist Arrested for Blasphemy, and How You Can Help

I was a guest on Trolling with Logic podcast today. And I met another guest, Aly, who was on to discuss a recent blasphemy arrest, and offer information about what people can do to help. Currently the idea is to put as much public pressure on Kuwait as possible in hopes of getting them to …

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Jan 17 2013

Mail bin: arguing with the FAQ

Fishing for stuff out of email today, I’m getting a letter by John from Ireland, who is a bit irritated with us that we haven’t replied to his previous messages.  John has decided to show us how much he cares by reading through the ACA FAQ page and rebutting the answers to our questions.  I …

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Jan 14 2013

Open Thread for Show #796: Russell & Jeff

Show archive.

Jan 12 2013

Sunday’s Caller and Public Response: Confirmation is not a Rebuttal

I wanted to post a follow up to the Sunday show that created some stir on the Internet this week. The best thing I’ve seen come out of it has been people on threads debating these ideas. Not long ago, I started saying that religion has “The Best P.R. Machine Ever.” No matter what they …

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Jan 12 2013

Texas vs. Planned Parenthood (or Religion vs. Society’s Best Interests)

OK, first article I see in today’s paper, and why it pisses me off: Texas has successfully defuned Planned Parenthood clinics in Texas. Their propaganda point has consistently been “we don’t want tax dollars going to abortions.” However, it has been consistently reported that we already do not allow tax money to go to abortion …

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Jan 08 2013

Free speech and free attention

This post is going to cover two different themes: social media and the attention it brings people, and Christian privilege in the public square. They’re related, I promise I’ll get to that point. I grew up in a time that was right on the front end of the Internet age. As a freshman computer science …

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Jan 06 2013

Open Thread for Show #795: Matt & Tracie, Live Calls (Morality)

Main caller wants to talk about morality. Show archive can be viewed here. Addendum: Raw Story has reported on this episode. And it appears we made Alternet as well. New Addendum: And today, we made Huffington Post.