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Some friendly local media coverage

Because when you have the longest-running and most-awarded locally produced TV show in your community, it’s kind of hard to dismiss you utterly. But then, Austin’s always been Texas’s little progressive blue oasis in a desert of reactionary red. So when this sort of thing turns up, they’re very nice to us. Thanks, guys!


  1. Lord Narf says

    A 2008 Gallup poll showed 6 percent of the American population describe themselves as Atheist, and those numbers have been growing since 1990.

    6% atheist? I think they messed up those numbers a bit, unless they’re counting all of the nons. Are they going by what we consider atheists, rather than self-identification?

    • escuerd says

      Couldn’t find what Gallup had to say on it in 2008 (I vaguely recall something like 5% in 2012).

      According to Pew, the unaffiliated consisted of consisted of 19.6%, and was comprised of:
      Atheists – 2.4% (+.8 percentage points from 2007 to 2012)
      Agnostics – 3.3% (+1.2)
      Nothing in particular – 13.9% (+2.3)

      So it looks like the number of self-identified atheists is a bit lower. If they had counted all “unaffiliated”, it’d be much bigger than 6%. I’d suspect that most of the “nothing in particular” are the SBNR type and/or vague or idiosyncratic theists. It would, of course, be dishonest to count them as atheists even if some subset of them might actually be (e.g. too closeted to tell the truth to a pollster or whatever).

  2. Dave Offield says

    nonholy shemolians, batman! I just happened across The Atheist Experience today and have been powering thru broadcasts one after the other.
    Great show and THANKS,
    another Austinite

  3. beornborg says

    As an atheist, who enjoys watching your show, I think your callers are missing out in a great argument for the existence of a deity.

    The people answering those calls could probably be considered “saints”. And sitting through some of that tortured logic could probably be considered a miracle.

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